Top 10 Best Xyz Monsters in Yugioh Part 2

This is part two of my top 10 xyz monsters in Yugioh list. There can be an argument as to which monster deserves the number two spot: Laggia or Leviair. However, I decided to go with Laggia. What are your thoughts?

Yugioh Steelswarm Roach 5. Steelswarm Roach

I had talked about Steelswarm monsters in my article on Generation Force. While they haven’t become the top tier archetype I thought they would be at this point, they are still a strong archetype and have some fearsome monsters such as Steelswarm Roach. With 1900 attack and zero defense points, Roach’s stats do not particularly stand out. However, it has got a menacing effect: whenever a level five or greater monster would be special summoned, you can remove one material monster (two in total, level four) to negate the summoning. This can save your neck if your opponent synchro summons monsters like Brionac or Stardust Dragon. Steelswarm Roach should be and is, a staple in anti-synchro decks. The best part about Roach is that it is splashable in almost any deck since it has no requirements for its material monsters.

Yugioh Number 39: Utopia4. Number 39: Utopia

The hero’s ace monster had to be somewhere on this list right? Compared to its predecessors (specifically Stardust Dragon and Elemental Hero Neos) I feel Utopia is weaker. It has the same stats, 2500 attack and 2000d defense points, but its effect is mediocre. When someone declares an attack, you can discard a material monster from Utopia (two in total, level four) to negate the attack. Sweet right? Except if Utopia is attacked while it has no material monsters, it gets destroyed.  You might be wondering, “If its effect is mediocre, why is it in the top five?” That’s because like Steelswarm Roach Utopia is very splashable: you can implement it in almost any deck. Think about it, in almost any deck, you can bring out a monster with 2500 attack points with relative ease. That characteristic of Utopia should not be overlooked.

Yugioh Leviair the Sea Dragon3. Leviair the Sea Dragon

At first glance, Leviair does not look like a top three xyz monster. For starters, its artwork is second-rate and makes it look more like a serpent than a dragon. Its stats (1800 attack and 1500 defense points) do not stick out. However, Leviair is still ridiculously strong and will probably be limited very soon. Leviair has the ability to special summon one banished level four monster per turn, for the cost of one material monster (two in total, level three). This effect is huge because not only does it allow you to quickly play a level four xyz monster, but it allows you to swarm synchro monsters as well. I have Different Dimension Serpent deck where I remove a lot D.D. monsters, special summon them with Leviair, and then sycnhro summon numerous synchro monsters such as Brionac and Ancient Sacred Wyvern. Another popular synchro swarm deck with Leviair is one that utilizes Tour Guide of the Underworld to create a deadly combination. By itself, Leviair is pretty weak, but it is a great implement in synchro and/or xyz swarm decks.

Yugioh Evolzar LaggiaT2. Evolzar Laggia

If I there was a monster that that embodied Solemn Judgement, it would be Evolzar Laggia. Laggia is a downright terrifying monster. While it is only playable in dinosaur decks, it has 2400 attack points, 2000 defense points, and an awesome effect. By removing its two level-four material monsters, Laggia can negate the summoning of a monster or the activation of a spell/trap card effect. Though Laggia’s effect is only usable once per duel, it can change the flow of the game and you don’t have to pay half your life points! Laggia is destroying duelists with the help of Rescue Rabbit, a card that looks cute in the outside but has a dangerous effect. By banishing itself, Rescue Rabbit allows the duelist to special summon two level four normal monsters with the same name. Let’s say he/she summons two Two-Headed King Rex’s… that would allow the duelist to play Laggia! Rescue Rabbit and Laggia is a very brutal combination.

I hoped you liked part two of the top 10 xyz monsters in Yugioh! Stay tune to find out the what the strongest xyz monster in Yugioh is!



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