Galactic Overlord – New Yugioh Booster Pack

The upcoming Yugioh booster pack, Galactic Overlord, seems to be a very good pack. With more support for monsters such as Inzektors, as well as a new monsters such as Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, this pack is a must-buy.

Yugioh Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon DragonIn a matter of two weeks, Konami will be releasing Galactic Overlord, the newest addition to Yugioh’s plethora of booster packs. While Galactic Overlord doesn’t have overpowered monsters (Rescue Rabbit, any one?) like its predecessor, Order of Chaos, it is still a pack to look out for. With some new archetypes and powerful Xyz monsters, Galactic Overlord seems to be a pretty good pack. Here are three things that I am really looking forward to from Galactic Overlord:

1. More Inzektors

If there was a ‘rookie of the year’ award for Yugioh archetypes, Inzketors would definitely win. After debuting in the Order of Chaos booster pack just three months ago, they have been one of the most popular archetypes in Yugioh. There is good news for Inzketor-users: Galactic Overlord has more of them. The most heralded of them is Inzketor Exa-Stag, a monster that may not look so great at first-glance, but is a good pickup for any deck. By detaching one material monster from Exa-Stag (two, level five), you can equip it with a monster from your opponent’s field or graveyard. Exa-Stag gains half the attack and defense points of the equipped monster. I’m really looking forward to using, and dueling against, new Inzketors.

2. Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

Remember Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and how tough it was to play it? Well, meet its evolution, a monster that is even more difficult to play. Neo GEPD requires three, level eight monsters in order to be summoned! That is ridiculous! Its effect is great if you can play it though (and that’s a big if): by detaching one material monster from Neo GEPD, your opponent detaches all of their Xyz material monsters. For each material monster discarded, Neo GEPD gains 500 attack and can attack that many times. The real reason that I am excited for Neo GEPD though is that it has an AWESOME design! Neo GEPD is probably one of the coolest looking monsters in Yugioh! I know this sounds childish, but there aren’t really more positive things to say about this monster.

3. Marine-Biting Dragon

I have already written a post on this powerful Xyz dragon monster, if you want to check that out. Marine-Biting Dragon is one of the most powerful Xyz monsters in the game with its great stats and effect. This monster is a must have for any duelist, especially since it requires three level four monsters, which is not that demanding of a requirement.

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