Lightpulsar Dragon – Strongest Dragon Monster in Yugioh

Lightpulse Dragon is an incredibly powerful Yugioh Dragon monster because it is able to create efficient first turn kills.

Yugioh Lightpulse DragonEarly February, Konami released another dragon-oriented structure deck known as Dragons Collide. It is a decent structure, though it is nothing compared to the Dragunity structure deck. However, Dragons Collide does have some powerful dragons such as Dark Armed Dragon, Darkflare Dragon, and Red Eyes Darkness Dragon. However, there is another monster that may not be as well-known as the previous three but is still really good: Lightpulsar Dragon.

Lightpulsar Dragon is a powerful dragon with a solid 2500 attack points. Plus it looks really, really cool! It looks like a mix between Stardust Dragon and Thunder End Dragon, if you look closely. Anyways, the reason I like Lightpulsar Dragon so much is because of its outrageous effect. First of all, you can special summon Lightpulsar Dragon from your hand by banishing a dark and light monster. It can be special summoned from the graveyard by discarding a dark and light monster as well. However, while these effects make playing Lightpulsar Dragon easy, it’s  the third effect that makes Lightpulsar Dragon extremely powerful. 

When Lightpulsar Dragon is sent from the field to the graveyard, you can special summon one level five or higher dark, dragon monster. Doesn’t sound that great at first, does it? However, this effect allows for a first turn win and is a reason why Lightpulse Dragon has its own deck. By using Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Cannon Soldier or Toon Cannon Soldier, Lightpulse Dragon creates a dangerous loop. Here’s how it works:

1. Special summon REDMD with its effect and use REDMD’s effect to special summon Lightpulse Dragon.

2. Normal summon Cannon Soldier and activate its effect. Destroy Lightpulse Dragon and REDMD to inflict 1000 life point damage to your opponent. (Make sure you sacrifice REDMD first!).

3. When Lightpulse Dragon goes to the graveyard, activate its effect to bring back REDMD and then use REDMD’s effect to bring back Lightpulse Dragon.

4. Repeat and destroy your opponent

It is such an easy and consistent combo. Many duelists having been calling the ‘Lightpulse loop’ the most easy-to-do first turn kill ever. That’s why Lightpulse Dragon is so scary; it creates a dangerous loop that can end the duel in the one turn. 

4 thoughts on “Lightpulsar Dragon – Strongest Dragon Monster in Yugioh”

  1. FTK does not work any more.
    because the teks.
    “When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: You can target 1 Level 5 or higher DARK Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target.”
    The word you can make it miss time.

  2. My chaos dragon deck does not run cannon soldier, but the lightpulsar-red eyes darkness metal duo when on the field is hard to beat even nowadays, because in order to counter it, one must either:
    1) Destroy lightpulsar before red eyes, which is hard b/c red eyes has a high attack
    2) Send lightpulsar to hand/deck or banish it, then destroy red eyes
    3) Destroy red eyes darkness metal dragon twice.

    Still, there are even more scary decks I’ve seen in (where you can build any deck with whatever cards you choose), notably ones that bring out Shooting Quasar Dragon in their first turn.

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