Thunder End Dragon – Overrated?

At first glance, Thunder End Dragon looks like a very powerful monster, but in reality, its abilities belie its looks.


I was really excited when Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon was introduced in Yugioh Zexal. The monster had a cool appearance and was very powerful. Alas, I must have overvalued my own excitement because I finally bought some Photon Shockwave boosters pack yesterday (along with some Order of Chaos packs, but that will be talked about in another post). In my first pack I had picked up an ultra rare monster, Thunder End Dragon! It was the best Yugioh card I had gotten from the packs and I was ecstatic!

Not only does Thunder End Dragon have an awesome artwork, it had great stats and a great effect. Boasting 3000 attack and 2000 points, Thunder End Dragon can destroy all other monsters on the field by detaching an Xyz material mons

Thunder End Dragon

ter. While Thunder End Dragon is an offensive powerhouse, I was aghast when I realized what it would take to play it. I would need to have two level eight monsters in order to Xyz summon Thunder End Dragon. It’s pretty difficult to summon one level eight monster, but summoning two? That could become very difficult against today’s competitive decks.

The question I asked myself was, are Thunder End Dragon’s stats and effect worth its summoning conditions? I concluded no. However, I still it is a good monster to have in the extra deck, but I wouldn’t put it above monsters such as Number 83: Galaxy Queen,Number 96: Dark Mist, or Number 61: Volcasaurus. That is just my opinion though, what’s your’s?

2 thoughts on “Thunder End Dragon – Overrated?”

  1. Thunder End Dragon could be hard to play, but there is a new card in the Galactic Overlord Booster pack that makes it easier to play. My only objection is that once you detach 1 XYZ Material, you would have to wait awhile before you could benefit from detaching another XYZ Material.

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