5Ds Decade Duels – Terrible Yugioh Video Game

Yugioh Decade Duels could possibly the worst Yugioh video game ever created. Yugioh World Championships 2011 is a very good game though and I greatly recommend it.

Yugioh Decade Duels, you guys probably have heard of this video game right? Well, I played it yesterday and it may have been one of the most abysmal Yugioh games I have ever played! It is so bad! There is no depth to the game as you play the same single player mode over and over again. The multi-player stinks as well; it lags a lot and it takes forever to find an opponent.

In order to ameliorate this game, the first thing I would do is to actually create a story-line that you follow. With stellar graphics (the game’s only positive aspect), a story mode would make it so much more entertaining. Konami needs to add a one-on-one mode too; that way, players can work on their decks before using them against other players. Speaking of dueling other players, Konami definitely needs to do some maintenance on the game’s online server. Every time I tried to duel someone on XBOX Live, the game would constantly say “loading” and it would take several minutes before an opponent was actually located…

Like I said before, this game is abysmal: DO NOT GET IT! If you guys want to play a real Yugioh video game, play World Championships 2011: Over the Nexus. It has a fabulous story mode option and with Nintendo Wi-Fi being very fast, it is easier to find an opponent to duel.

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