Duelist Pack: Joey Wheeler

What would a Yugioh duelist pack for Joey Wheeler look like? I have created a list of monsters, spells, and traps that I think that pack would include.

Yugioh Red Eyes Darkness Metal DragonI feel like Konami ignores Joey Wheeler too much. While Yugi and Kaiba both got Evolution Starter decks and Duelist Packs, the only merchandise Joey has received is a mere Starter deck. However, with the Yuma Tsukumo Duelist Pack coming out soon, Konami should redeem themselves by creating a Joey Duelist Pack as well. If they did, what Yugioh cards would a Duelist Pack: Joey, include?


Red Eyes Black Dragon

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Malefic Red Eyes Black Dragon

Red Eyes B. Chick

Baby Dragon

Time Wizard

Thousand Dragon

Flame Swordsman

Panther Warrior

Rocket Warrior


Insect Queen

Dark Flare Knight

Winged Dragon of Ra

Fiend Megacyber

Mirage Knight

Exarion Universe

Gilford the Lightning


Graceful Dice



Giant Trunade

Mystic Wok

Dark Hole




Skull Dice

Acid Trap Hole

Trap Hole

Rare Metalmorph

Giant Trap Hole

Dust Tornado


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  1. well, I guess you missed the black skull dragon and also gearfried, other wise, you´re right

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