Number C32: Shark Drake Vice

Number 32: Shark Drake has earned a reputation as one of the strongest Xyz monsters in Yugioh. However, its Chaos form, Shark Drake Vice, is at an even greater level and arguably the strongest monster released in Yugioh Zexal.

Yugioh Number C32: Shark Drake ViceNumber 32: Shark Drake is one of the strongest Xyz monsters in Yugioh and has been an integral part of Shark’s deck in Yugioh Zexal. Its strength and rising popularity are probably why Konami is releasing the chaos form of Shark Drake; a monster known as Number C32: Shark Drake Vice. We know Chaos monsters become a lot stronger, and Shark Drake Vice’s abilities showcase this increase in strength.

Shark Drake Vice has the same stats as its normal version: 2800 attack and 2100. However, Shark Drake Vice’s effect makes it spectacular. By detaching one Xyz material, it can reduce the attack of an opponent’s to zero. The effect is not limited to once per turn, which makes Shark Drake Vice even greater. The only downside to Shark Drake Vice’s effect, a downside shared by Utopia Ray and will be shared with other Chaos Xyz monsters in the future, is that its effect can only be resolved if the user has 1000 or less life points.

Speaking of Utopia Ray, I think it has nothing on Shark Drake Vice. Utopia Ray merely raises its own attack by 500 and decreases the attack of an opponent’s monster by 1000. That is nothing compared to how Shark Drake Vice literally reduces the opponent’s monster’s attack to zero. Plus, with 2500 attack and 2000 defense, Utopia Ray has a disadvantage in its stats as well.

There is one thing Shark Drake Vice lacks and that is a cool design. Utopia Ray’s artwork looks much more intense and is more refined. Besides the artwork, Shark Drake Vice is a phenominal monster and I can’t wait when it comes out!

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