Yugioh Duelist Pack Yuma for TCG

Duelist Pack Yuma hasn’t been released for TCG. When it is though, I expect there to be some more cards than the OCG version and I give a rundown of some cards I would want to see.

Yugioh Duelist Pack YumaIt has been bothering me that Duelist Pack Yuma has not yet been released for TCG. There are so many good cards that duelists would love to have in that booster pack, such as the powerful Number 61: Volcasaurus and Number 19: Freezerdon. I’m sure duelist pack Yuma will eventually be released for TCG, but when it is, it needs to have a greater variety of cards than what the OCG version has. 

For starters, the pack needs to have the recently released Number C39: Utopia Ray. Utopia Ray has become Yuma’s ace monster and it would annoying if it were not included. In addition, the two Zexal Weapons must be included in the pack as well. Zexal Weapons are monsters that power up Utopia Ray. Zexal Weapon Unicorn King Spear can equip itself onto Utopia Ray, increasing its attack by 1900 and negating the effect of monsters that it battles during the battle phase. Zexal Weapon Phoenix Bow, which will be released in the Return of the Duelist booster pack, is even better. It can also be equipped onto Utopia Ray and increase its attack points by 1100 and every time Utopia Ray destroys a monster by battle, your opponent loses 1000 attack!

The pack needs to include the Gagaga archetype as well. I love the Gagaga archetype and when Abyss Rising is released, they will finally get an Xyz monster: Gagaga Gunman. Gunman definitely should be included in a Yuma pack. By detaching one Xyz monster (two, level four), Gagaga Gunman can do one of two things: increase its attack points by 1000 while decreasing its attack target’s attack by 500 or inflicting 800 life point to the opponent. It is a sweet and become overpowered through the use of the upcoming Gagagarevenge. This spell can be equipped to a Gagaga monster in the graveyard, special summoning the monster to the field. Plus, if the monster is used in an Xyz summon, then the Xyz monster gains 300 attack points.

Duelist Pack Yuma should be a really powerful. When its released for TCG, I just hope they add new additions from the OCG version. I can’t wait for its release!

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  1. the problem is that the gagaga arch could be veryy powerful so im betting gunman is a anime exclusive.

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