Yugioh Photon Monsters – Strong or Weak Archetype?

Photon monsters are really popular among Yugioh fans, but do they truly deserve it? Are they popular because of Kite or because they are a truly strong Yugioh archetype?

Photon MonstersThe Photon archetype has gained a quite lot of popularity throughout Yugioh. A big reason is that the monsters are used by Kite Tenjo, who is a fan favorite of Yugioh Zexal. However, is the strength of the Photon monsters deserving of praise as well? There have been duels where Photon monsters look extremely powerful, such as the first duel between Kite and Yuma. However, as I looked at the TCG list of Photon monsters, they didn’t seem to be that strong. So what is it? Are Photon monsters an archetype that deserve to be among the strongest archetypes, or are they overhyped?

The goal of a “Photon” Deck is to take control of the field, preventing your opponent from doing harm towards you. “Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon” is a good example show due to its Quick Effect – being able to banish itself, even chaining to another card; this gives itself advantages by escaping Traps, such as “Dimensional Prison”, etc. Even though its effects allow itself to gain ATK for banishing Xyz Monsters, along with itself, it can be used to bypass other card effects.

Obviously, the ace of the Photon archetype is Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. Not only does it have 3000 attack points, but Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon can banish itself and a monster it battles, only to revive itself at the end of the battle phase. If the monster it banished was an Xyz, GEPD gains 500 attack points for each material monster on the Xyz monster. Its effect is a great way to evade dangerous effects. There are a couple of other strong Photon monsters as well, such as Photon Wyvern, which can destroy all of your opponent’s set cards when summoned.

Photons are definitely a good archetype and can be even stronger when merged with Lightsworn monsters. However, as of now they still have not reached an elite level. This was the same way I  saw Naturia monsters when they were first released. Now, Naturias are regarded as a pretty strong archetype. Photons need more cohesion among their monsters and another ace monster to get to an elite level. Otherwise, their a fairly decent archetype with lots of potential!

4 thoughts on “Yugioh Photon Monsters – Strong or Weak Archetype?”

  1. to bad its not similar with the anime deck it could be a top deck well lets hope it gets better support cards

  2. i use this deck to overlay for hieratic sun dragon overlord and bomb

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