Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 2

Part 2 of the Strongest Duelist in Yugioh is highlighted by duelists such as Kaiba and Jaden. However, Yugi is not the number one duelist!

Yugioh Seto KaibaHere is part two of the Strongest Duelist in Yugioh:

5. Seto Kaiba

Arguably the most ruthless character in Yugioh, Kaiba’s relentlessness allows him to be one of the strongest duelists in Yugioh. He is focused on blowing his opponent’s to smithereens with his trademark Blue Eyes White Dragon and relentless offensive strategies. In order to beat, Kaiba be prepared to take a load of pounding before hitting him back with an equally powerful counter attack.

4. Yusei Fudo

Yusei is an extremely calm duelist who never sinks under pressure and refuses to acknowledge defeat. He is great at coming up with counter strategies on the fly and uses his powerful Stardust Dragon to set up a strong defense-offense combo. Rather than being reckless, to trump Yusei one would have to beat him at his own game by being patient with things.

3. Jaden Yuki

Unlike Yusei, Jaden is very energetic and is a huge enthusiast of dueling. His love for dueling and perseverance allows him to work under pressure. Not to mention that he uses Elemental Hero monsters, which is an extremely versatile archetype. Jaden is an all-around duelist, utilizing cards that bolster both his offense and defense. The best way to Jaden is to allow his recklessness to get the best of him and beat with a strong defense.

2. Atem/Yugi Muto

I know, Yugi was supposed to be the best the duelist in Yugioh, but there’s someone who is better than him. Yugi is another enthusiast of dueling, but unlike Jaden, is very calm. His calm demeanor and brimming confidence can intimidate many duelists. Yugi is also an all-around duelist, though his offensive game seems to be slightly stronger than his defense. In order to beat Yugi, you need to use an FTK or OTK deck because if you give Yugi too much time, he could end the duel in a flash!

Hope you have liked the list so far! Next post will reveal the strongest duelist in Yugioh!

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