The Strongest Duelist in Yugioh

The strongest duelist in Yugioh is Bakura, because his spiritual strength is overwhelming and his duel strategies are second-to-none.

Yugioh BakuraThe strongest duelist in Yugioh is none another than… Bakura! I know, a lot of people will argue that Bakura is weaker than some of the duelists I had mentioned in my first and second list. However, if you watched the Egypt arc of the original Yugioh series, then you’d have seen Bakura’s amazing power.

Bakura’s spirit monster, which was a monster known as Diabound Kernel, was literally undestructable. It took the power of all three Egyptian God cards to stand up to Diabound Kernel, which shows how powerful Bakura’s spiritual strength was. In terms of pure dueling, Bakura was shown to be as good as Yugi.

Like Yugi, Bakura is an all-around duelist who relies who gradually overwhelming his opponent. One of his most popular strategies is the Destiny Board tactic, which is an OTK that utilizes the F-I-N-A-L cards. In order to beat Bakura, you have to be able to outsmart him and anticipate his moves.

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  1. @frycook

    Hey, how have you been fry? Noah was strong, but he was only strong because he created his virtual world and thus had an advantage over everyone.

  2. @yugiohblogger
    OK, that’s a good point. Bakura is awesome anyways 😀
    Been good, but busy. You?

  3. @card lover

    Haha yeah, I’m going to be a senior next year! There’s just been so much work, which is why I haven’t been on the site that much lately.

  4. I disagree I think Dartz is the strongest duelist ever featured in any yugioh TV show. As far as we’ve seen his monsters have had as high as 20,000 attack, or infinity atk if divine serpent is included, and atks that will always be “300 higher than the monster” its battling. His versions if the seal of orichalcos lock down the entire back row of opponent and are impervious to removal. Not to mention, he gained as much as 20,000 LP before divine serpent.

    Also, the legendary knights are almost as badass as the anime egyptian gods, and it took more than them to defeat divine serpent. The question of who’s the strongest duelist would not even be close.

  5. @Victor

    I honestly never thought of Dartz… you bring a good point. Although, both Bakura and Dartz were both pretty badass/unstoppable in their respective arc. The reasons I would still take Bakura over Dartz is because one, Bakura survives everything, and two, he has control over the manifestation of evil itself, Zorc.

  6. But Dartz existed long before even the Egyptian Gods were around, and he had FAR more broken cards from what I’ve seen. There’s no consensus on who’s the strongest duelist in the anime. I’ve heard that Marik was strongest, Paradox was strongest, Anubis is strongest, etc.

    What about Paradox vs Dartz?

  7. @Victor

    Well, we don’t know that for sure. Wikia says he existed 10,000 years ago in which case Egyptian civilization would have just started to bloom. The Gods could theoretically existed. But I guess that’s besides the point, Dartz is super OP there is no doubt. I would take Dartz over Paradox any day. The reason I took Bakura over Dartz is because it took 3 duelists to take down Dartz, while it literally took every single character in the series to beat Bakura. If Tea didn’t figure out the Pharaoh’s name, Bakura and Zorc would be ruling the world!

  8. What about the most broken card featured in the anime? Divine serpent is a no go because its just as prone to spell/trap/effect monster destruction as any other monster. The seal of orichalcos might be a top candidate, but I’d say golden castle of stromberg. There’s a reason why it was featured in the Grand Championship series, after Waking the Dragons.

  9. @yugiohblogger

    That’s what I thought. I mean, the Seal was broken enough to have Konami water down the real life version of the card, which is still a really good field spell card. But GCS is so OP that there is no way of modifying it to reasonable effects without completely altering the way the card can be used.

  10. @Victor

    Yeah I agree. By the way, you were right, Dartz existed way before the God cards. I realized this because there’s an episode where he is spying on King Atem using the God Cards, and this is after he’s evil.

  11. @ yugioh blogger

    one, never overestimate yourself and your deck that is why kiaba never beat yugi.
    two, i bet you don’t even keep a kuriboh in your deck like me. my friends think i’m an idiot for that, but kuriboh has a really good effect.
    three, do you know where i can find a new offical rulebook i need to have mine updated so i can continue teaching my frend to duel the card shop in town ain’t sellin’ any structure decks
    four, i challange you to a duel. i live around the st. maries area. if you accept, see if you can come around sometime these next few years. just look for an extremley handsome blonde in his early to mid teens i’m usually in town on wednsdays, and most likely wearing a boy scout uniform. then we’ll see who is the better duelist

  12. hey i’m just web surfin’ so i thought i’d come over here a bit. i just want to know: which card is worse: blue-eyes white dragon or cloudian- smoke ball?

    oh, and are my friends right: i’m a complete moron for keeping a kuriboh and a winged kuriboh in my deck?

  13. @ yugiohblogger

    speakin’ of zorc, i simply LOVED your blog on the abriged series. googleing all episodes. can’t see why it was cancled.


  14. If you want to know which duelist of the series is the best, you don’t need to speculate. You can download the cards, make the respective decks, and play using the folders of your computer as the different places of the field. I made a folder for the deck, a folder for de hand, a folder for the monster’s card zone, etc.

    I have a question, and in the case I am right, Dartz would be too powerful. Imagine that the opponent places a monster in attack mode in his/her first turn (imagine that the attack is higuer than 500). If Dartz attacks it with Orichalcos Kyutora, then Dartz wouldn’t take damage, Kyutora would be destroyed and Orichalcos Shunoros would be Special Summoned. The Battle Phase continues. Then, considering that was the unique damage negated by Kyutora, attacking that monster again with Orichalcos Dexia would result in the destruction of Orichalcos Shunoros (I think it is destroyed when its attack or deffence is lower than zero), because Dexia would have higuer attack than it. Then Divine Serpent would be Special Summoned (Battle Phase haven’t ended) and it can now attack directly finishing the duel. If the monster of the opponent was in deffence position, summoning Orichalcos Malevolence would solve this problem.

    Obviously, if the opponent had a trap card that destroy Divine Serpent, he would win the duel. This is an example in which the duel could end in one turn.

    Am I right or am I not considering something?

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