Yugioh Structure Deck: Samurai Warlords

The new Samurai Warlords structure deck allows duelist to duel with a basic Six Samurai deck and build a more competitive one. It is a great buy for any fan of Six Samurai.

Yugioh Shadow of the Six Samurai ShienSix Samurai monsters are some of the strongest in the game of Yugioh. Only the X-Saber archetype can rival the offensive prowess of the Six Samurai archetype. However, like any archetype, the cost of building a strong and complete Six Samurai deck was pretty high due to the rarity of certain monsters such as Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En. However, thanks to the recent release of a structure deck, Samurai Warlords, duelists can build a basic Six Samurai deck. Add some cards, and you’re dealing with a full-fledged Six Samurai deck, ready to compete in tournaments!

The structure deck comes with almost all the spells and traps that are necessary to have in a Six Samurai deck. Two spells/traps that really caught my eye in this deck were Shien’s Scheme and Cunning of the Six Samurai. Shien’s Scheme is a great trap because it allows the user to quickly swarm Six Samurai onto the field from your hand, two exact. However, it can only be used when the user’s Six Samurai monster is destroyed. Still, it’s a pretty good trade-off! Cunning of the Six Samurai is another great, quick-play type, spell card. By sending one Six Samurai to the grave yard, the user can special one Six Samurai monster from the graveyard. This can be a great way to revive an ace Six Samurai monster!

The greatest thing about the Samurai Warlords structure deck is that it introduces an Xyz monster for Six Samurai. With 2500 attack points and requiring two, level-four Six Samurai to summon, Shadow of the Six Samurai РShien is one of the coolest Six Samurai monsters and can be very helpful in duels. Not only is it easy to summon, but Shien has an effect that may come handy Рit can turn the original attack of a Six Samurai monster into 2000 until the end phase. It may not be a devastating effect, but again, it can be helpful late in the duel. Besides its stats and effect, Shien has awesome artwork as well!

Once again, I recommend this structure deck to any duelist who is looking to build a solid Six Samurai deck. Not only does it have a lot of necessary cards, but it also introduces Shien, which can be a great addition to Six Samurai decks.

6 thoughts on “Yugioh Structure Deck: Samurai Warlords”

  1. Never used six samurais I indentd to however i wonder i could you the deck swarm caoability to summon GEPD and protect it. Have you ever tried it ?

  2. Never used six samurais I intend to however i wonder i could use the deck swarm capability to summon GEPD and protect it. Have you ever tried it ?

  3. Anyway do you think that a new duel terminal might mean the end of some archs ? also im intrested to see if konami plans to introduce a anti-meta deck something like when this card is summoned and on the field cannot summon another monster have some maintance cost similar with koa’ki meiru and focusing on destroing strategies like six samurais and x-sabers ? what do you think?

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