Yugioh Agents – Tier 1 Fairy Archetype

Yugioh Agent monsters are some of the strongest monsters in the game. New released in the Order of Chaos booster pack have increased their power.

Yugioh The Agent of Myster - EarthDark Worlds have become a tier one archetype thanks to the addition of the Grapha, Dragon of the Dark World as well as other support cards. However, as you may have heard the saying, “when there is darkness, there is light.” Introducing, the Yugioh Agent deck, another deck that has climbed to tier one. An agent deck utilizes a lot of fairy monsters, aided with the effect of The Sanctuary in the Sky. Similar to how Dark World decks revolve around Grapha, Agent decks revolve around a monster known as Master Hyperion, who is possibly the strongest fairy monster in Yugioh.

As they are foils, Agents have a very different style than Dark World monsters: rather than swarming the field, Agents focus on life points. Agents use differences in life points to give them an advantage. For example, Agent of Force – Mars, gains attacks points equal to the difference of you and your opponent’s life points (if your life points are greater). Unlike Dark Worlds, most Agents need The Sanctuary in the Sky to activate their effects.

While Dark Worlds have multiple monsters that can cause a lot of damage, Agents have one: Master Hyperion. Along with Herald of Perfection, Master Hyperion is easily the strongest fairy in Yugioh. You can special summon Hyperion by removing from play an Agent monster from your hand, field, or grave. He causes a lot of destruction on the field; by removing a light monster from your grave, Hyperion can destroy a card on the field, two if you have The Sanctuary in the Sky. Not to mention that Hyperion has 2700 attack and 2100 defense!

Unlike Dark World decks, which in order to be efficient, require cards that can discard, Agents are very versatile. For instance, you can put in Archlord Zerato to do some extra damage, which would be a good strategy since an Agent deck utilizes The Sanctuary in the Sky. Most decks put in Archlord Kristya so as to have an easily playable powerhouse monster. Honest is a must as well, because it can power up Agent monsters, whom are not known for their high attack points.

Agent decks are incredibly powerful and I have dueled against with a Dark World deck; I am 1-3 against them! Since an Agent deck is so fast, users get out Hyperion much faster than I can get out Grapha, and I end up losing. With a monster like Hyperion, agents have the potential to usurp X-Sabers from their title of ‘best archetype’. With their vast strength, who knows what Agents can accomplish?

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