Yugioh Limited Edition Packs

Limited Edition booster packs have contained a lot of super cool and powerful monsters.

Limited Edition Packs are one of the coolest types of packs in Yugioh. Most of them contain about five cards, but they stress quality over quantity. In fact, Limited Edition Packs have contained some of the strongest cards in Yugioh. I have used a lot of these monsters in my decks and often see other duelists use them as well. I will talk about a few of the most valuable cards that one can find in Limited Edition Packs. 

Yugioh Arcana Knight JokerI’m sure some of you old school players remember Yugi’s epic comeback against Leon back in the original Yugioh. Yugi used Arcana Knight Joker to dominate Leon in the end. AKJ is one of the cards that you can only get in a Limited Edition Pack, and it is extremely powerful. As a fusion of the Queen, King, and Jack’s Knights, AKJ has a whopping 3800 attack points and 2500 defense. Its effect is awesome as well: if AKJ is targeted by a card effect, you can discard the same type of card from your hand (spell, trap, monster) and negate the effect. In addition, it may seem hard to summon, but with cards such as Future Fusion and Super Polymerization, its really not. AKJ works great in pretty much any type of warrior deck.

Yugioh Sphere of ChaosI hadn’t heard of Sphere of Chaos until I started to look at the card lists of all of the 17 Limited Edition Packs. Sphere of Chaos is a level five monster with a sub-par 1600 attack and no defense! However, it is a very interesting monster. Sphere of Chaos is a dark attribute monster, but its effect states that it is treated as a light monster as well. Thus, it can be used to quickly summon the powerful ‘Chaos’ monsters! Also, when Sphere of Chaos is tribute summoned, you can add a level three dark monster to your hand from the deck. This allows for circulation of dark tuners, such as Black Salvo.

Yugioh Guardian EatosGuardian Eatos was one of my favorite monsters back in the day. Yeah, it was the reason Raphael was able to destroy Yugi in their first duel, but it was hard to hate due to its beauty. While it needs a deck based on equip cards to fully thrive, Guardian Eatos is still a dangerous monster. If you have no monsters in your graveyard, then you can special summon Guardian Eatos from your hand. By removing an equip card from Eatos, you can banish up to three monsters from your opponent’s grave, with Eatos gaining 500 attack points for each monster removed from play. While it is vulnerable to spells/traps, Eatos’s strength can pack a punch even for a small period of time.

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