Heraldic Beasts – New, yet Strong, Yugioh Archetype

Heraldic Beasts are going to be some of the most insane monsters in Yugioh! They have a cool ability to power Xyz monsters and their ace, Number 8: Heraldic King Genome is very powerful!

Yugioh Heraldic BeastsThere is hot anticipation for the Abyss Rising booster pack that is being released to the TCG in about two weeks. While the booster pack’s cover monster, Number C32: Chaos Drake Weiss, is hogging most of the fame, Abyss Rising has a lot of bright spots. One, for instance, is the debut of the Heraldic Beast archetype, the powerful monsters owned by Vetrix in the anime. The Heraldic Beasts have an incredibly unique playing style and are one of the most interesting monsters in Yugioh.¬†

Like I mentioned earlier, the Heraldic Beasts are extremely unique because they focus on the efficient summoning of Xyz monsters while providing support for them. For instance, Heraldic Beast Bernard’s Falcon allows all face-up monsters level five and up to be turned to level four. This allows for an easy Xyz summon of a rank four monster, such as Number 39: Utopia. Heraldic Beast Eale can special summon itself if there are two or more Heraldic Beasts on your field. A loop with Eale’s effect would allow for a quick Xyz summon of a rank 4 monster. These are just two of the many ways Heraldic Beasts can influence the game through their style.

The strongest Heraldic Beast would have to be Number 8: Heraldic King Genome, which has a solid 2400 attack and 1800 defense. Genome is awesome because it essentially copies the stats and effect of an opposing Xyz monster. Plus, the that monster’s attack points go down to zero until the end phase! Just imagine, your opponent plays Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis, confident they will win. Then boom; you counter with Genome and decimate the opponent! Once released, Genome will be one of the strongest Xyz monsters in the TCG!

Heraldic Beasts are a super cool archetype and hopefully, Konami will continue to support them in future packs, especially since Vetrix was such a significant antagonist. Just another reason to buy Rising Abyss, a pack that I will analyze next week!

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