Strongest Numbers in Yugioh Part 1

Xyz monsters have become very popular, especially the number monsters. What are the top 10 Number monsters in Yugioh?

Xyz monsters have developed into some of the greatest powerhouses in all of Yugioh. Ever since the release of the first Xyz monster, Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, Xyz monsters have become staples in most decks. The trademark Xyz monsters are the number monsters. There have been several Number monsters introduced up to this point and Yugioh Zexall II is bound to showcase even more. Out of the numerous Number monsters released, which are the strongest?

Number 11: Big Eye10. Number 11: Big Eye – While Big Eye may be tough to summon, as it requires two, level seven monsters to summon, its effect and stats make it a solid monster. Big Eye is a tough monster to bring down with its 2600 attack and 2000 defense points. On top of that, it has an awesome effect! Once per turn, by detaching one of its Xyz material monsters, Big Eye can take control of a monster on your opponent’s side of the field. While Big Eye cannot declare an attack the turn this effect is used, it is a great way to turn the tide on your opponent. 

Number 83: Galaxy Queen


9. Number 83: Galaxy Queen – This is one of my favorite monsters in all of Yugioh! Not only is Galaxy Queen’s artwork extremely beautiful, but she has a wonderful effect as well. By detaching one of Galaxy Queen’s three, level one, material monsters, your monsters cannot be destroyed by battle and gain the ability of deal piercing damage! This more than makes up for her weak stat line of 500 attack and defense points. While Galaxy Queen can be difficult to summon, she can be a huge boost for beat-down decks.

Number 25: Force Focus8. Number 25: Force Focus – This might be the first time that I’ve seen a trading card game use a camera as a monster. It doesn’t matter though, since Force Focus is so stronger. It is relatively easy summon when looking at other Xyz monsters and has a fantastic stat line of 2800 attack and 2400 defense points. However, its effect is what makes a top 10 Number monster. By detaching one of its two, level six, material monsters, Force Focus can negate the effect of one level five (or higher) monster on your opponent’s side of the field. This effect is a perfect counter for troublesome monsters such as a Shi En or Stardust Dragon.

Number 96: Dark Mist7. Number 96: Dark Mist – Not only does Dark Mist serve as an antagonist in the show, it can antagonize your opponent if you manage to summon it. Yes, Dark Mist can be tricky to play, as it requires three, level two monsters to play. On top of that, it has a weak stat line of 100 attack and 1000 defense. However, its effect is substantial. By detaching one material monster, Dark Mist can negate an attack by your opponent. Then, it halves the attacking monsters attack points, adding that number to its own attack total. Dark Mist is essentially indestructible in battle, which makes it a must for any stall deck.

Number 39: Utopia6. Number 39: Utopia – What can I say about Utopia? It’s the most popular Xyz monster and for good reason. Utopia is very easy to summon and is a quick reinforcement during sticky situations. With 2500 attack and 2000 defense, Utopia requires just two level four monsters in order to be summoned. You could most likely play Utopia in the first turn of the duel! Its effect is pretty good too, as it can negate an attack by detaching a material monster.

7 thoughts on “Strongest Numbers in Yugioh Part 1”

  1. Can I add a monster even more OP than number 11 Big Eye and all the numbers you mentioned?

    Mecha phantom beast dracossack. Destroys any single card per turn, cannot be destroyed, all around pain in the butt.

  2. @Victor

    It definitely is a strong Xyz monster, however definitely not better than Big Eye. Too many costs go into its effect. For instance, if the user decides to give up the tokens to destroy two cards, then Dracossack loses its ability to not be destroyed. It has too many holes, whereas Big Eye has a much more straightforward yet equally effective ability.

  3. @yugiohblogger

    You don’t know dracossack then. First of all, the tribute token to destroy eff can only be used once per turn. So essentially, its controlling any monster vs destroying any card AND temporary immunity to destruction. If dracossack survives enough turns, you’re essentially killing 2 cards per detachment. Would you rather take control of 1 monster or destroy 2 cards? I would rather destroy 2 cards. While it can be argued that destruction effects can be negated easily, dracossack cannot be destroyed, so using a card to simply negate the destruction is usually a plus for you. Furthermore, dracossack’s tokens can be used for synchro or tribute summons.

    Here’s an analogy: Compare change of heart to treacherous trap hole. If it wasn’t for the restriction, treacherous would be more deadly because you are getting rid of TWO cards, not one. Although change is a spell, treacherous can be chained to Heavy or MST, so these differences cancel out. Generally, destroying 2 monsters is more advantageous than taking control of 1. In the current meta, where decks revolve around a certain theme, strategy, or archetype, and also considering that monster effects that go off when destroyed apply to the owner and never the controller regardless of control, taking control of a monster does little more than using it as a beatstick against opponents’ monsters.

  4. @ blogger
    i agree SO much there.
    lets say your opponent controls an EXTREMELY powerful monster, you can take control of it useing big eye, and if your lucky, it will be able for you to use its effect against you opponent, or have really high attack, so you can attack your opponent dirrectly, or even better, BOTH

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