Strongest Numbers in Yugioh Part 2

Part two of the strongest Numbers in Yugioh. Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis takes home the prize for its ridiculous stats and killer effect.

Here is part two of the top 10 strongest Number monsters in Yugioh.

Number 40: Gimmick Puppet Strings5. Number 40: Gimmick Puppet Strings – GPS can be a tough monster to summon, since two level eight monsters are required in order for it to undergo an exceed summon. However, when on the field, this monster can literally destroy your opponent. GPS has a whopping 3000 attack and 2000 defense, along with a cataclysmic effect. Once per turn, by discarding one of its material monsters, GPS attaches String Counters to every monster on the field excluding itself. Then, during your opponent’s following end phase, all monsters with String Counters are destroyed, inflicting 500 attack points for each monster destroyed. Barring spell/trap interference, this effect deals at least 3000 damage to your opponent, since it opens up for a direct attack by GPS. Considering it can use its effect twice, GPS has the ability to deal 6000 damage with its effect. That is ridiculous.

Number 10: Illumknight4. Number 10: Illumknight – You don’t have to be obsessed with draw power to love Illumknight, but it can be clutch when you need a draw. Illumknight has the ability of allowing its user to draw a card by detaching one of its three material monsters. This is a significant ability, considering that a lot of swarm decks such as X-Sabers result in the duelist top-decking. Illumknight would be a great fix to that problem. Plus, it is pretty easy to play, as it requires three level four monsters, which is a simple scenario to set up if you use a swarm deck. In addition, Illumknight can hold its own in battle with its 2400 attack and defense. Illumknight can be helpful in so many situations and is just overall a great monster.

Number 32: Shark Drake3. Number 32: Shark Drake – It may not be the strongest Number monster, but Shark Drake is easily my favorite. Not only does it look like a powerhouse, but with its effect and stats, it actually is one. Shark Drake has 2800 attack and 2100 defense. It is quite easy to play as it only requires three level four monsters. Its effect can hurt your opponent. When Shark Drake destroys your foe’s monster by battle, by discarding one of its material monsters, the destroyed monster can be special summoned to your opponent’s side of the field with 1000 less attack. This is a great way to pick apart a deck that focuses on monsters with high defense points with low attack. Not only does Shark Drake’s effect takes more out of your opponent’s life points, it is hard to bring down in battle and that’s it is a phenomenal monster.

Number 16: Shock Master2. Number 16: Shock Master – Deciding between numbers one and two was really tough, but I decided to have Shock Master be the runner due to its weaker stats. Don’t get me wrong, though. With 2300 attack and 1600 defense, Shock Master can more than hold its own in a battle. However, its effect seals its place as one of the top Number monsters in Yugioh. Once per turn, you can discard one of Shock Master’s two level four material monsters and declare a type of card: monster, spell, or trap. That card type cannot be activated until the end of your opponent’s next turn. By negating traps, this basically gives you two turns to launch an offensive strike against your opponent and the presence of Shock Master and his 2300 attack points surely helps.

Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis1. Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis – You might have seen this coming, considering I gave Atlandis loads of praise in my review of Return of the Duelist. Not only does Atlandis have the coolest of all monster designs, it has a whopping attack of 2600 and defense of 3000. If its volcano arms and stats don’t scare you, listen to its effect! When Atlandis is Xyz summoned, you can equip an Xyz monster from the graveyard onto Atlandis. It gains half the attacks of the equipped monster; as it has 2600 attack points to begin, Atlandis is a statistical powerhouse. Then, once per turn, you can detach an Xyz material monster from Atlandis (two, level 6) to detach the equipped Xyz monster and slice your opponent’s life points in half. Sufficient to say, Atlandis is extremely powerful.




8 thoughts on “Strongest Numbers in Yugioh Part 2”

  1. 2600 attack is not that good for a rank 6 Xyz, considering that some level 6 synchros have 2800 attack, and level 6 monsters are supposed to be less powerful than equally ranked monsters (since a rank 6 requires 2 level 6 monsters to summon).

  2. I know that the Xyz monster mentioned above is broken, but I’m saying that 2600 may seem high for a level 6, but remember that it’s RANK 6, meaning that it was made by overlaying 2 level 6 monsters. That makes it equivalent to about level 9. IMO, 1 rank=1.5 level, so a rank 4 monster should be as powerful as a level 6 monster, but it isn’t. Gem knight pearl, the strongest rank 4 monster, has 2600 atk compared to goyo guardian’s 2800 attack. Xyz monsters don’t have much attack, they’re just easier to summon than synchros and have more broken (but limited usage) effects.

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