The Strongest Yugioh Egyptian God Card

The Egyptian God Cards are the most iconic figures in Yugioh. Whether you played Yugioh or did not play, you knew about these cards and obsessed over them. However, out of the three, which is the strongest?

After so many years of anticipation, the legal version of Slifer the Sky Dragon was finally released for the TCG. Its release marked the TCG collection of the Egyptian God Cards, with Obelisk the Tormentor and The Winged Dragon of Ra coming prior. While the Yugioh anime has portrayed The Winged Dragon of Ra to be the most powerful of the Egyptian Gods, which of the real-world cards is the strongest?

Lets start with Ra, the supposed leader of the Gods. Ra cannot be special summoned. Like the other Gods, Ra requires three monsters to be sacrificed in order to be normal summoned and its summon cannot be negated. In addition, when the Gods are summoned, card effects cannot be activated. Ra’s ability is very similar to that of his anime’s counterpart; when he’s summoned, his user can lower his life point total to 100. Then, Ra gains attack and defense points equal to the life points lost. Next, Ra can lose 1000 attack points to destroy a monster on the field. It is very good in setting up direct attacks and can easily deal a lot of hit point damage in a consistent basis.

The next monster is Slifer the Sky Dragon, the ace of Yugi Muto’s deck. Just like the anime, Slifer’s attack and defense points depend on the number of cards in the user’s hand: each card is equivalent to 1000 attack and 1000 defense. Unlike Ra, Slifer can be special summoned, however it is sent to the graveyard at the end phase of the turn it is special summoned. When a monster is special summoned to your foe’s side of the field, it loses 2000 attack points and if its attack hits 0, it is destroyed. Slifer’s ability essentially creates a lockdown for your opponent’s monsters who are level four and lower.

Obelisk the Tormentor is the humanoid of the three Gods and personally, I think he looks the most intimidating. Obelisk has 4000 attack and defense points and like Slifer, it can be special summoned, though it is sent to the graveyard at the end phase of that turn. Obelisk is basically a nuke: by tributing two monsters, Obelisk destroys all the monsters on your opponent’s side of the field. A great way decimate your opponent’s life points in one blow!

While all three monsters are incredibly powerful, the title of ‘strongest’ has to go to Slifer. What seperates Slifer from the rest is that is unique effect has no setback, whereas Obelisk’s effect needs two tributes and Ra’s decimates your life points. Plus, Slifer’s effect creates a lock in your opponent’s monsters, disabling them from playing common tuners. The only downside to Slifer compared to the other monsters is that its more susceptible to being destroyed by battle, since there is a possibility that its attack can be 0 or 1000 at certain times. Overall though, it is a very powerful monster and warrants the title of the strongest Egyptian God Card.

17 thoughts on “The Strongest Yugioh Egyptian God Card”

  1. I always preferred Obelisk to Slifer since he was so much more intimidating in the anime and this opinion is the same for me when it concerns the usable cards: I prefer Obelisk. He is a real game changer with his constant 4000 ATK. When summoned, since card effects cannot be activated he will really Torment your opponent with his brute strength (and 2 tributes is not much anyway for later on in the game). While I do agree that Slifer is powerful, he is more difficult to support right? What I mean is that unlike Obelisk, Slifer restricts you to keeping a “full hand” if you want him to be more powerful so he is more tough to keep strong. Pity they cannot be summoned with Mausoleum of the Dead Emperor!

    P.S: If you are surprised to see my name again note that I never stopped reading, I was just too lazy to comment 😛

  2. I would have to agree with the consensus on Slifer, as there are a lot of cards that can help you fill your hand, so his downside, as long as you build your deck right, isn’t that detrimental. Plus, he keeps your opponent from summoning things in any way but normal summon, so as long as you keep him on the offensive and keep three cards in your hand, there isn’t much that can block him to help you get out a larger monster.

  3. me and my friend in germany both agree that none of the above is the best. the best god card is creator god of light, horakhti. IT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Horakhti as best is just stupid, its incredibly difficult to bring out (unless you are playing in Traditional format) hence the reason why no one bothers with it. The other three gods on the other hand can still be used in many decks since they “only” require 3 monsters as tribute.

  5. @yugiohblogger

    However much it pains me I have to admit that Slifer tops my fav :'( Tried some Slifer vs Obelisk deck duels on Dueling Network and Slifer…sort of made it clear…that he was boss… 😛

  6. @Yugioh Fan

    Forreal! If ya can’t play the card, then don’t use it. And if you don’t use it, how can it be the best? By the way, I haven’t had much time to work on the site due to school. But I have summer break in a few days, so I will have much more time to write posts, including one on YugiohPro! Stay tuned Yugioh fan, everyone, and thanks for continuing to comment and read my posts!

  7. Strongest egyptian god= slifer
    Best egyptian god= obelisk, since he cannot be targeted by any effects, giving him some protection, though I’m not a big fan of any of the three.

  8. @Victor

    I’ve realized how insignificant the effect “cannot be targeted by any card effects” can be. You’re still susceptible to Dark Hole, Lightning Vortex and to cards like Trap Hole, Sakuretsu Armor, etc…

  9. But you’re immune to ryko, night assailant, and dimensional prison and compulsory evacuation device.

    Maybe start a blog post on Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem vs Shooting Quasar Dragon? Both of them are incredibly powerful and I’ve seen them summoned on first turn. Which of them do you think is more broken? First discounting the summoning requirements then factoring summoning in.

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