The Prophecy Archetype and the Power of Spellbook

The combo between the new Spellbook and Prophecy archetypes looks dangerous! They complement each other perfectly and have serious potential!

Yugioh Spellbook of WisdomMost archetypes in Yugioh are heavily dependent on monsters. The most popular archetypes are Blackwing, Six Samurai, X-Saber, etc… and they are all based around monsters. However, there have been a couple of exceptions to the rule, such as the Spell Counter archetype. Recently, another archetype (one that is also an exception to the rule) was released: the Spellbook archetype. This archetype revolves around numerous spells that hinder the opponent. Spellbook is actually a sub-archetype of the expanding Propechy archetype. These two archetypes have been changing the game of Yugioh and rising strength will soon make them the strongest combo in Yugioh!

There are several Spellbook spells and to read about each one, go to their Wiki page. The purpose of the Spellbooks is to give crucial power-ups to spell-caster monsters, namely the Prophecy archetype. For example, Spellbook of Wisdom allows one spell-caster to be unaffected by either spells or traps. Spellbook of Power is an equip card that gives the selected spell-caster a 1000 attack point boost and gives the user the ability to add a Spellbook to the hand each time the equipped monster destroys an opposing monster.

The Spellbook archetype essentially gives the Prophecy some major power-ups. In fact, most of the Prophecy monsters have effects that revolve around the Spellbooks. The powerful Prophecy Destroyer, with 2500 attack and 1200 defense, can be special summoned from the graveyard by banishing three Spellbooks from the grave. Thus, the Prophecy gameplan revolves around gaining an advantage through the Sepllbooks and field manipulation.

The Spellbook and Prophecy combination is looking deadly already, despite the fact that more cards from these archeytpes are being released in the upcoming Trachyon Galaxy booster pack. These archetypes have the potential to be the next big thing!

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  1. @Meta-Gamers

    Hey Meta-Gamers, thanks for commenting and showing your interest in the site! Your comments weren’t appearing because I have to approve comments, and I haven’t been on the site for ages. Incarnate Dragon is another awesome deck, I need to write a post on them! Stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for respon…

    After Spellbook of Judgment released, Prophecy become awesome deck that flooding field with backrow and also keeping hand size…

    what a nightmare

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