Another Yugioh Series?

There is no doubt that Konami will create another season of Yugioh anime. What should the next season be about? Read about my proposed storylines for the next season of Yugioh!

Let’s be honest – since the first season ended, the Yugioh anime just hasn’t been the same. GX was very interesting, as was 5Ds, but Zexal has just been a disappointment. The show’s quality has been on a downward trend since season one, culminating in the abomination that is Zexal. The anime is really what attracts kids to play the card game – a decline in the anime’s popularity equates to a decline in the popularity of the game. I think we can all agree that Yugioh isn’t nearly as popular as it was 6-7 years ago, when Yugi and Atem were kicking butt. Thus, if Konami decides to continue the Yugioh anime even after Zexal is finished, it needs to bring back major characters from the earlier seasons.

A major theme in Yugioh is time – each subsequent season takes place in the future. However, Zexal has become so futuristic and technological that it has really killed the charm of the cards. Thus, Konami needs to stray from the whole ‘future is better’ idea. For all we know, Yugioh might become some interplanetary game, where in Stars Wars fashion, duelists serve as the protectors of the universe. What would actually be interesting is if next season focused on the past. Yugioh GX reveals that Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey have become legendary duelists: why not have the next season be about their rise to fame? It is implied at the end of GX that Jaden will go on to be a legendary duelist himself: why not revolve the next season around his own rise? There are so many ways to bring back the older, more popular seasons back to the screens. I think doing that is the only way Yugioh will regain some of its ex-fans (such as myself).

Another interesting idea I had was to have a parallel world where duel monsters are non-existent. Then, someone from the real world comes and inadvertently introduces duel monsters to the parallel world. This version would show the consequences of such actions and would culminate in war-style duels between enemy clans. It’s pretty unorthodox, but at this point, there is no harm in Konami implementing a different style to the show.

Do you guys have good ideas as to what the next season of Yugioh should be like? Please let me know in the comments section!



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  1. I completely agree this article. Zexal has really hurt Yu-Gi-Oh!. Zexal is the only Yu-Gi-Oh! show that I refuse to watch. Some fans also question GX because of the poor storytelling. I would actually like to see Yugi’s adventures and duels as an adult. There’s a lot of potential in going back to past characters. I would love to see Joey beat Kaiba.

  2. How about a prequal to the original yugioh- they always talk about what happened in Egypt – but what if they went into more detail in a series about the monsters going out of control and people fighting to respond to the problem correctly, and it all steming from the wildly popular card game going out of control. I think that would be a better plot than just a bunch of repetitive duels…

  3. @Thomas

    They kind of already had that though in the original Yugioh series, when they all go to Egypt. That’s basically what the last arc is. Although, they could go back to Egypt and introduce the storyline of a new character. Franklin’s idea is really cool. They have a show where each episode (or two) is a sidestory about a different character(s). For example, a duel between Joey and Kaiba, or Leo’s rise as a top duel racer. Pokemon did a similar thing, where they still had their main arc, but had a show dedicated just for filler episodes.

  4. I have come up with two seasons on the original Yu-gi-oh series. It takes place after Atem left. A year has passed and the gang is in there last year of school. I cant put everything in becuase there is a lot of details involved. But a new character has moved to Domino city and the gange becomes freinds with them. In the prosses chapters Joey get’s hurt to the point of almost dying saving there new friend and Kiba’s life. From there Joey is transported to Atem Sprit world. To find out when Joey was possed by the Rod, a little bit of it power was left behind in joey , sending him to the sprit world. There joey meets Atem again, but no is too well the more time Joey stays the weaker he gets and his soul will be lost forever.and the Dark riders want his soul as well, but as long as Joey stays in Atems home thay cant touch him. Atem finally finds a way to send Joey back, but its almost impossible with the Dark riders and Joey slowly disapearing. But the make it threw it, but Atem had to take Joey him self back to Yugi and there will not be a way back home until the Next Blue Moon. But before he left Shadi told Atem That the Iteams were somehow being used again, The iteams had lost there power but a new darker power are using the iteams turning them into the Shadow Iteams. So the adventure after from there. Atem and yugi are together again and there mission is to find the iteams and destroy them once and for all. The adventure is full of old characters and new ones. Its do detailed the ending will shock you. The season would have new cards and old ones. In this season there a Phantom Dulest. This charcter is never known until the end. The Phantom Duelist is a mysterious Character that lets there cards speak for them. Atem and yugi finds there is more to everything. There reason for the iteams being used is because they want to bring back a powerful Pharo, that use to rule the lands before Atem. it is said the the Pharo will bring the dark of night and the shadows of fear over the land. Once this Pharo comes back there is no stopping them. The items are gone and the puzzle is the only one left. but you find out the puzzel was saved from being a shadow item before givin back to yugi. I wish I could put more but there is a lot. There a lot o shocking moments in this. somthing about Atem & Joey’s past, and Kiba.. even he is shocked to find out something forgot from his childhood.And the real reason why Atem came back is reviled. I call theis seris YU-GI-OH The Return of the Pharo. The other one YU-GI-OH The Dawn of Darkness!There both fully wrote out and finshed. I would like to send it in but I dont know if it would be any good, but after the last saeson it would be the end

  5. @Mystery

    Rather interesting. I really like Return of the Pharo, I think that would have been an awesome series. Dawn of Darkness is a bit bizarre, as I don’t understand the concept of introducing a new character when it is focused on Joey. Anyways if you’ve written them out, could you send me the documents? I would really like to read them, though I understand if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. My email is

  6. yeah, every season is worse than the last, i mean YU-GI-OH!: 5D’s: i watched it every day when it was new, but looking back, it really stunk. i don’t mind original or gx, but the last two, UGH!

    P.S. is it just me, or do the gx sacred beasts resemble the god cod cards?

  7. well……………….the zexal duel carnival is kinda cool (not that i like it too much) but the rest of the series stinks. are we all agreed here?

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