Fire Fist Archetype – Future of Yugioh

The Fire Fist monsters have become one of the most popular archetypes in Yugioh! But for good reason – they are super powerful. Could Fire Fists be the future of Yugioh?

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - SnakeYugioh has seen several allmighty archetypes since its inception. From the old school Toon archetype, to the Hero archetype, to the Gladiator Beasts, to the Six Samurai, etc… Each season of Yugioh has introduced Tier 0 archetypes, those that are of the cream of the crop, and now another one will join the list – the Fire Fist archetype. Despite being recently released in the Cosmo Blazer booster pack, the Fire Fist monsters have quickly become one of the most popular archetypes in Yugioh, and for good reason.¬†

I created a Fire Fist deck on Dueling Network, thinking I was unique in my deck choice. However, a lot of people I have faced have either used Fire First decks or have talked about the recent surge in Fire First decks. Fire Fist monsters are a swarming deck, however, rather than swarming monsters on the field, they swarm spells/traps directly from the deck. These continuous spells/traps are known as “Fire Formation” and are focused on supplying hand strength. ¬†They also give convenient attack point boosts as well. Though Fire Fist monsters are relatively weak in stats, their combination with the Fire Formation cards creates a deadly attack.

One of my favorite combinations to use with Fire Fists is the Tensen combination. The point of this tactic is to quickly put Fire Formation – Tensen on the field. Tensen is a continuous trap card that gives a 700 attack point boost to one Fire Fist monster, which can be very useful. You can use numerous Fire Fist monsters for this, but I like using Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Snake, as he allows the user to set a Fire Formation card if one is destroyed. Since Fire Formation cards are continuous, good additions to a Fire Fist deck are Hamon Lord of Striking Thunder and Uria Lord of Searing Flames. Ultimate Baseball Kid is a good addition too, considering all Fire Fist monsters are of the Fire attribute.

I am really excited to witness the rise of the Fire Fist archetype. It has already cemented itself as one of the strongest and most popular archetypes, but considering that Fire Fists are newly released monsters, the archetype will keep improving!

4 thoughts on “Fire Fist Archetype – Future of Yugioh”

  1. Some player build Fire Fist with Rescue Rabbit for instant acces to Tiger King. Some Player bring Vorse Raider & Deck Devastation Virus (With Tenki face-up, your Vorse Raider have 2000 ATK)

  2. Fire fists are only good when you bring out the key monsters, otherwise, they are easy prey. Mermails beast firefists 9/10 times.

  3. @Victor

    I’ve actually never dueled a Mermail deck with Fire Fists. The thing is, Fire Fists are pretty fast and I’ve found it easy to bring out my Xyz monsters. Plus the Spell/Trap support is pretty good and still developing.

  4. Individual fire fists are easy to pick off and aren’t as fast as mermails. There support spells only give +100 attack and just one more summon. Generally, average players have a much higher win ratio vs fire fists than vs mermails. Still dragon rulers and evilswarms trump them both.

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