The Dragon Rulers – Taking Over Yugioh!

The Dragon Ruler archetype is becoming big in Yugioh! They have winning some big tournaments recently and have risen in popularity. We’ll look at the playing style of this archetype and why they are so powerful.

I recently wrote a post about the latest Yugioh booster pack, Lord of the Tachyon, and mentioned that it introduced a new archetype – Dragon Ruler. The Dragon Ruler monsters (also called Incarnate Dragon) are a very cool group of dragon type monsters that have become immensely popular in a short period of time. Though it is their ability to create deadly combos that is attributed to their rise, Dragon Ruler monsters are just awesome cards in general.

Tidal, Dragon Ruler of WaterfallsThe Dragon Ruler archetype is pretty unique in the sense that while it revolves around dragons, there is no focus on type/attribute. The eight monsters in the archetype are of four archetypes: fire, water, earth, and wind. Within each archetype, there are two dragons. One dragon is a level seven monster and represents a powerful elemental entity while another dragon is a level four, representing an insignificant elemental entity. 

Here’s an example: For the water archetype; there is Stream, Dragon Ruler of DropletsStream, Dragon Ruler of the Droplets (the level four monster, “Droplets”) and then there is Tidal, Dragon Ruler of the Waterfalls (the level seven monster, “Waterfalls”). Here is a link to see all members of the archetype.

Each of the level four monsters have the same abilities while the level seven monsters share the same abilities (revolving around their respective attributes). This brings me to the playing style of the Dragon Rulers – they focus on using the level four dragons to bring out the level seven dragons. For example, Ruler of Droplets’ has the effect to discard itself and a dragon/water monster from the user’s hand to special summon Ruler of Waterfalls from the deck. Ruler of the Waterfalls can special summon itself by banishing two dragon/water monsters from the graveyard/hand. However, is special summoned, the level seven dragon monsters are returned to the user’s hand by their opponent’s end phase.

This is where the Dragon Rulers’ awesomeness comes in. Because the level seven monsters can only be used for short periods of times, combos have been made that focus on summoning other monsters through the Dragon Rulers. For example, Number 11: Big Eye is a popular monster in Dragon Ruler decks since it is a rank seven monster. A popular combination with Big Eye is the Lava-Dragon combo (courtesy of MG).

  • You have Lava Golem, Ruler of Infernos, Ruler of Droplets, and Ruler of Waterfalls. You tribute two of your opponent’s monsters and summon Lava Golem, then discard Ruler of Droplets and Ruler of Waterfalls to special summon Ruler of Infernos. Assuming you have more than two water/dragon monsters in your graveyard, special summon Ruler of Waterfalls. Do an Xyz summon to play Big Eye and use its effect to take control of Lava Golem. Bam! 
The Dragon Rulers are really nifty monsters. There are a plethora of combos that they can run, which is why they have been dominating recent tournaments. Buying a Lord of Tachyon Galaxy booster pack becomes easy knowing that you can get some Dragon Ruler monsters!

2 thoughts on “The Dragon Rulers – Taking Over Yugioh!”

  1. that’s a combo to broke Light And Darkness Dragon lockdown in Mirror Match

    Incarnate Dragon Main combo is to bring LADD and Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack on the field in the 1st turn

    Hand : lvl 4 Incarnate + Eclipse Wyvern, Lvl 7 Incarnate Dragon

    discard wyvern + lvl 4, Special Summon Lvl 7 from the deck, wyvern’s effect banish LADD

    Special Summon Lvl 7 from hand by banishing lvl4 and wyvern.

    Add LADD from banish zone

    2x level 7 dragon=Dracossack,
    Dracossack eff Special summon 2 token,
    tribute 2 token for LADD

    Some people call Incarnate Dragon as New Tier Zero Deck, because their consistency.
    Look at their own Allure of Drakness “Sacred Sword of Seven Star”

    Number 11 Big Eye and MPB Dracossack become very expensive card coz this deck –a

  2. Dragon rulers are going to be wiped out by the September 2013 banlist due to the banning of the mini dragons and the limiting of super rejuv. The mini dragons are what allows the big dragons to come out w/o losing advantage (if you use the big dragons’ own effects to summon themselves, you have to banish like crazy).

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