A New Yugioh Booster Pack – Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy

The most recent booster pack in Yugioh, Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, is a really strong booster pack that I would recommend any duelist to purchase. We’ll look at some features that make it a good pack to buy.

Yugioh Lord of the Tachyon GalaxyEven the though the show has been fairly disappointing, the past few Yugioh Zexal booster packs have not failed to impress. Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is no different. It debuts two new archetypes, the Battlin’ Boxer and Dragon Ruler archetypes, the latter of which has been incredibly popular and already has won some Asian tournaments. Lots of older popular archetypes are developed in this booster pack as well, with four more new monsters being released for┬ámy favorite Zexal archetype, Fire-Fist. Finally, the title monster of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is awesome too! Tachyon Galaxy is a must-get booster pack and is one of the best released in the Zexal series!

The Battlin’ Boxer archetype is one of the two archetypes introduced in Tachyon Galaxy (I will talk about Dragon Rulers in my next poast). Battlin’ Boxer monsters focus on gaining an advantage during the battle phase, since they are pretty weak statistically. For example, Battlin’s Boxer Counterpunch can be banished from the hand/graveyard to give a targeted Battlin’ Boxer monster a 1000 attack point boost. That’s a pretty nifty effect. The Battlin’ Boxer archetype is most known for its Chaos Xyx monster – Battlin’ Boxer Comet Cestus, the chaos evolution of Star Cestus. Comet Cestus is a hulking, rank five monster, with 2800 attack points and 2000 defense points. Every time it destroys a monster, your opponent loses half the monster’s attack points in life points. Then, if Star Cestus was an Xyz material monster, then Comet Cestus can detach a material monster to destroy an opponent’s monster (once per turn) and inflict damage equal to that monster’s attack points. Battlin’ Boxer is going to be a solid archetype once it gains more cards and support. It helps that the character who uses them in the show, Alit, is an important character.

The best part of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is its title monster – Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon. GETD is a level eight Xyz monster with 3000 attack and 2500 defense points. By detaching a material monster, GETD can effectively shut-down your opponent’s monsters by negating all of their effects, as well returning their stats to their original values. Also, if one of your opponent’s card’s effect resolves, GETD gains a 1000 attack point boost and can attack twice in the battle phase of that turn. It can be tough to play, but GETD is hard to beat once its on the field.

There’s some more features regarding Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy that I am leaving out (but I will talk about in immediate posts), which is a testament of its strength as a booster pack. This is a pack I would recommend anyone to buy, it really is a great pack.

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