Shooting Quasar Dragon vs. Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem

Shooting Quasar Dragon and Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem are two of the strongest monsters in Yugioh and in this post, we will compare them and see which one is superior.

I received a comment asking me to compare the titular monster characters and judge which card is superior. This is an interesting comparison, considering that Shooting Quasar Dragon is one of the strongest synchro monsters in Yugioh, while Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem is one of the strongest fusion monsters.

Yugioh Shooting Quasar Dragon1. Shooting Quasar Dragon

SQD has one of the coolest art designs in Yugioh. Not only does it look like a total boss, try topping SQD in battle, as it has 4000 attack and defense points. SQD’s synchro material monsters are one tuner monster and two (or more) non-tuner synchro monsters. The number of times SQD can attack equals the number its non-tuner synchro material monsters. This means that SQD can attack at least two times per turn! On top of that, SQD can take out any threats with its second ability. Once per turn, SQD can negate a card effect and destroy the card. If your foe manages to destroy SQD, it has a helpful back-up effect: you can special summon Shooting Star Dragon from your extra deck! SQD’s only downside is that summoning it can be a hard and lengthy process, as it requires three synchro material monsters. Once it is summoned though, SQD can be almost impossible to bring down.

Yugioh Ultimate Gear Golem


2. Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem 

This was the monster that almost beat Jaden in Yugioh GX, so you know UAGG is a pretty ridiculous monster. For one, it has 4400 attack and 3400 defense points, so you can expect your opponents to be on the defensive when you bring out UAGG. Oh wait, UAGG has a the ability to inflict piercing damage! UAGG clearly has high offensive capabilities, but it also has a good defensive effect. When UAGG attacks, your foe cannot activate spell/trap cards until after the damage step. That’s a pretty convenient effect, ensuring that UAGG doesn’t get taken out by cards like Sakuretsu Armor or Dimensional Prison. Similar to Shooting Quassar Dragon, UAGG has a nice backup effect: if it get’s destroyed, you can special summon Ancient Gear Golem from your deck.

This is a very tough decision, but I believe that Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem is the superior monster. Both monsters obviously have great stats and effects. However, it is much easier to summon UAGG than SQD, considering that cards such as King of the Swamp can ease the fusion conditions. They are both great monsters, but Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem wins this battle.

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  1. There should really be a poll on Red Nova Dragon vs Shooting Quasar Dragon vs Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem. Needless to say, the descriptions of the two Titans says it all. If you manage to pull out SQD, its far better for a number of reasons:
    1) Can negate any effect once per turn. UAGG can only stop spells/traps that activate during the battle phase, making it more prone to effects than SQD.
    2) Better at field control. If your opponent has more than 1 monster, unless you power bonded UAGG or attacked into a monster that cant be destroyed by battle, attacking twice is better than pierce because it allows you to gain control of the field. Both bonuses help in their own way when dealing damage though.
    3) Does not have to be destroyed to special summon its back up monster. It just has to leave the field, meaning no matter what happens, SSD is there to assist. If compulsory evacuation device, raiza, caius, D.D. warrior lady, penguin soldier, or neo-spacian grand mole crashes into UAGG, it leaves your field wide open to attack.

    Of course, as yugiohblogger mentioned, UAGG is far easier to bring out in ancient gear decks, and it USUALLY results in an OTK, so it may be better overall. SQD NEEDS to have a deck built around it, and the monsters involved in its synchro summon are usually weak, unlike ancient gears.

  2. @Victor

    Yeah it would be pretty cool if they came out with a Quasar structure deck and a Nova structure deck, specifically to utilize the power of those two cards. The decks would also include the other forms of Stardust and Red Dragon, with the focus being to be able play all those cards easily and utilize their effects to the max.

  3. I don’t think that’s possible because these type of decks are too inconsistent to reliably bring out the boss synchro monsters. Its kinda like an all or nothing deck because SQD and Red Nova are two of the best monsters in the game (excluding summoning conditions) but the deck is sure to lose if it fails to bring them out because the monsters are very weak.

    What do you think is better, Shooting Quasar or Red Nova? Its already be settled that Red Nova>Shooting Star

  4. I don’t think Red Nova is better than shooting quasar, other than its easier to bring out. It has similar attack (less initally but gains due to tuners in graveyard), can only attack once, and does not special summon another monster when destroyed. Red Nova may be easier to deal with than ultimate ancient gear golem b/c its vulnerable to D-prison and compulse.

    We should have a poll on the most powerful endgame monster. The choices should be:
    Red Nova Dragon
    Shooting Quasar Dragon
    Chimeratech overdragon
    Ultimate ancient gear golem
    Venomminaga the deity of poisonous snakes
    Yubel the ultiamte nightmare
    Malefic truth dragon (better than FGD and DMK)
    the creator god of light horakhty
    sophia, goddess of rebirth

  5. Sophia for sure. You essentially tank your foe’s life points and because of the banishing effect, your foe is unlikely of drawing a card that can wipe out Sophia.

  6. But sophia requires an Xyz, a synchro, a ritual, and a fusion, making it THE hardest monster to summon. Once you summon it though, it becomes the most unstoppable monster ever, top contestants are shooting quasar dragon, vennominnaga the deity of poisonous snakes, and creator god of light.

  7. …And sophia’s THE hardest monster to summon, hands down. You could say armityle is harder, but cards such as phantom of chaos and elemental hero prisma can copy monsters’ name, making them legal substitutes for the sacred beasts. What kind of deck uses synchro, fusion, Xyz, AND ritual monsters? Probably none.

    Also, thumbs up if you think malefic truth dragon is a better monster overall than five god dragon and dragon master knight.

  8. Continuing from where I left off, I don’t think gishkis (that and demise decks are the only modern decks that rely on ritual monsters) can easily summon sophia because from my experience, they only use rituals and the occasional Xyz.

  9. Due to level of difficulty to summon, i think Quasar is better, some duelist, build deck that focus tu summon one or more Quasar in first turn. And for UltimateAG it’s too hard to summon without lossing some hand card, you can keep hand advantage with T.G.HL in Quasar Deck Right?

    Also for Meta nowadays, Quasar have more potential to survive, can negate so many powerfull card, specially effect monster such as: Big Eye, Drago Sack etc. Ultimate AGG only powerfull during player turn. In opponent turn it just a Monster with High Attack

  10. @Meta-Gamers

    False. Summoning SQD is like going all in for the duel. If ultimate ancient gear golem gets summoned (which is FAR easier considering that monsters used to synchro for level 5 are weak) and destroyed, you do not get screwed over because you are still able to hold your own with strong ancient gear monsters. Especially if you have geartown. SQD on the other hand, will cost you the game if you somehow lose it AND SSD that it summons because the monsters used to special summon it are weak and will get easily overrun. So unless you build a deck that can special summon multiple SQDs in 1 turn, SQD is too risky to go into.

    UAGG can still easily otk, even easier than SQD with power bond. True with T.g. you maintain hand advantage, but with what? Weak level 2-3 monsters? Ancient gear decks still remain strong when Ultimate is destroyed because of their geartown and ancient gear beast and gadjiltron shenanigans.

  11. @yugiohblogger

    Right now, the top contenders for the most deadly monsters are shooting quasar dragon, sophia, goddess of rebirth, creator god of light horakhty, and vennominaga the deity of poisonous snakes. Runner ups are ultimate ancient gear golem, red nova dragon, chimeratech overdragon, and the wicked avatar.

    You know what I’m thinking? Let’s have a poll or a comparison!! With the top contestants and the runner-ups in separate polls.

  12. But… look at the meta, it’s easier to found SQD player than Ancient Gear player now (yes, in my country). The number of support, make SQD player that i see, can summon 1 till 3 SQD in first turn, often 2,… it’s a big wall to break…

  13. Easy. Stop the summon or fiendish chain or whatever. SQD is not impossible to bring down. Point is, SQD decks are weak w/o their ace synchros. Ancient gears are not.

  14. @MG

    Quasar is easier to summon? I’ve got to disagree. We’re talking about at least 6 cards being required in summoning SQD. With UAGG, you need 4. Plus, TGHL gives you one card, which is moot when you are giving up 6. And as long as you can protect UAGG, it is ridiculous on the offensive side.

  15. @yugiohblogger

    The easiest way to bring out sophia is by instant fusion, advanced ritual art or black illusion ritual, a level 6 ish synchro, and a rank 3-4 Xyz via tour guide or something. The deck also isn’t weak w/o sophia b/c relinquished is imbalanced as s***.


    If you build a deck around quasar, its easy to summon and still maintain hand advantage w/ T.G. librarian, but what’s the deck like w/o its ace monster? Weak weak weak.

    What about the poll of strongest monster in yugioh?

  16. @Meta-Gamers

    Yeah, but you cant’ consistently get out shooting quasar dragon, even in fabled decks, which are even more versatile and have greater draw power than Dark Worlds, due to its extremely difficult summoning conditions. Level 5 synchros are not really the easiest things to summon, neither is formula synchron. Decks with quasar have no fall back plan if they fail to get quasar out. Guess how many times I’ve lost to a fabled deck that did not bring out shooting quasar? Point proven.

  17. @ Everyone

    Here’s a little rant about my opinion on why the banlist is not 100% foolproof.

    Time seal pretty much sucks. I would MUCH rather run mirror force, solemn judgment, or bottomless trap hole than time seal. Its effect isn’t anywhere near as devastating the the cards I mentioned above. And while skipping ur draw phase is indeed a threat, there’s a price to pay for splashing time seal in ur deck. You have to draw into time seal, and set it, then activate on ur opponent’s turn. If u didn’t splash time seal in ur deck, u would have drawn into the next useful card 1 turn sooner. So essentially, ur skipping ur own draw phase to skip ur opponent’s NEXT draw phase. Its a 1 for 1, but slower on ur side. It doesn’t net u any advantage at all. Therefore, time seal should be put at 1.

  18. @Victor

    Completely agree. There are so many cards that are just not broken enough to be banned. You could make the case for Yata to be limited, since it needs specific type of cards to unleash its op effect.

  19. @yugiohblogger

    Yata at the right moment creates permanent lockdown. Time seal creates a 1 turn lockdown of the draw phase, which isn’t broken at all considering that drawing into Time Seal and setting it is like skipping your own draw phase. If u took out seal from your deck, u would have drawn into ur next card 1 turn sooner. Get what I’m saying?

  20. SQD effect can be stopped by a Bottomless traphole as soon as the effect comes in just banish the monster

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