The Most Over-Powered Yugioh Card

The Yugioh anime has introduced us to some awesome cards, including cards that are highly over-powered. What are some of the most over-powered cards in Yugioh?

Recently, Victor, one of Yugioh Blog’s most frequent visitors, and I had a discussion regarding the most over-powered (OP) anime card. We both agreed that the Golden Castle of Stromberg was the most OP Yugioh card. However, under further review, I found that the effect of GCS was modified by Sigried (throwback to the original series!), who was the antagonist of the Grand Championship arc. Thus, it’s not really fair to include it in the discussion for the most OP card. I came with a list of three OP Yugioh cards that could be considered for this ‘title’. 

Yugioh Divine Serpent1. Divine Serpent – It has an infinite amount of attack and defense, so one attack from this monster means instant KO. If that wasn’t bad enough, as long as Divine Serpent is on the field, the user cannot lose the duel! The only weakness Divine Serpent has is that it can be destroyed by spells/traps/monster effects. Theoretically, you could use Drain Shield on Divine Serpent and gain infinite life points. Nevertheless, Divine Serpent is OTK waiting to happen and is certainly one of the most OP monsters in Yugioh.

Yugioh Deck Destruction Virus2. Deck Destruction Virus – After watching Yugioh The Movie, there was a certain card that had me drooling. It wasn’t any of the Sphinxes or Blue Eyes Shining Dragon; it was Deck Destruction Virus. If a dark, fiend type monster with 500 attack or less is destroyed, then you can play DDR. Every turn, 10 random cards from your opponent’s deck are removed. This is ridiculous, because if you run a stall deck, then the duel becomes a cakewalk as long as you protect DDR.

Yugioh The Pillager3. The Pillager – This choice may not seem like an obvious choice. The Pillager allows the user to look at the opponent’s man and choose a card to keep. Not only do you get to see the opponent’s hand, but by anticipating their moves, you can take a card that is essential for their strategies.

What do you guys think? Which one of these is the most OP card in Yugioh?

9 thoughts on “The Most Over-Powered Yugioh Card”

  1. I think Divine Serpent is the most over powered yugioh anime card. It only needs one successful attack to win the duel. I wonder how its effect would conflict with Exodia and The Creator God of Light, Horakhty.

  2. Divine serpent’s real life effect should be that it cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects, making it more viable to try and summon it.

  3. @yugiohblogger

    Not really, considering how hard it is to summon. And how by the time it gets summoned, you can only get 2 attacks off it (you probably will have <30 cards by that time). Maybe I was being too kind to the divine serpent; it should be that it cannot be destroyed by card effects. Thus, caius, raiza, and dimensional prison can still stop it. Kinda like red nova dragon with infinite power but costly to summon and to attack.

  4. When shunoros is destroyed, pay all your life points and discard all of your cards to special summon divine serpent.

    But don’t try that even if divine serpent existed. If your opponent uses caius or raiza or BLS envoy of the beginning on shunoros, you’re done for. The reason why Dartz’s deck was OP in the anime is because the duelists’ primary method of getting rid of a card is by destruction. They rarely utilize “Return to top of the deck” or “Banish” effects, both of which would ruin Dartz’s strategy.

  5. @ blogger

    divie serpent doesn’t even exist. i looked it p on the internet, just picture of it, not the card itself i looked on the ban list, NOTHIN’, i looked on the card database, didn’t show up. so it just cant exist

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