Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth – The Strongest Yugioh Monster?

It’s been 4 years since I last voiced my opinion on what monster was the strongest in Yugioh. Well, now I think that title goes to Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth.

Yugioh Sophia, Goddess of BirthCourtesy of YugiohBlog regular, Victor, I was recently introduced to a new Yugioh card: Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth. I had written a post a few years declaring Yubel, the Ultimate Nightmare as the strongest monster in Yugioh. After reading about Sophia, I am convinced that she is the strongest. It has nothing to do with the fact that Sophia has 3600 attack and 3400, nor does it have anything to do with the fact that she looks like the harbinger of destruction. By her effect alone, Sophia is the strongest monster in Yugioh.

When Sophia is summoned, she banishes all cards from the field, both players’ hands and graveyards. In addition, no cards can be activated in response to her effect, which means Forbidden Chalice is useless against Sophia. Basically, Sophia nukes the field, which would allow it to instantly deal 3600 direct damage. Since Sophia forces your foe to discard his/her hand, the odds of drawing a card to take down Sophia is highly unlikely as well. Basically, once you play Sophia, the match becomes a checkmate for your opponent.

The only issue with Sophia is that it can be very difficult to summon. Sophia cannot be summoned except through a special summon, which requires you to banish one Xyz, Synchro, Fusion, and Ritual monster. Sophia’s summoning conditions are harsh, but via Dueling Network, I have learned that she is playable in Herald decks. Herald decks focus on bringing out a ritual monster. Summoning Xyz, Synchro, and Fusion monsters isn’t that difficult due to Herald’s stalling qualities, which allows the user to stack their hand.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I am fully convinced that Sophia is the strongest monster in Yugioh. Who would you put as the strongest monster in Yugioh?

18 thoughts on “Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth – The Strongest Yugioh Monster?”

  1. Those of you thinking you can use phantom of chaos to copy Sophia’s effect…

    Probably did not read carefully. Phantom of chaos cannot copy sophia’s effect if she’s in the graveyard b/c sophia’s effect activates when she is summoned, so phantom of chaos can never activate it because it has to be summoned first, banish the targeted monster, THEN copy its effect. And I wouldn’t use phantom to copy Sophia even if I were allowed to.

  2. @yugiohblogger

    Okay, do you know the effect of phantom of chaos? Phantom of chaos, once per turn, can banish a monster from the graveyard and mimick its effects and attack power (but cannot inflict any battle damage) for that turn. Even if that monster was never properly summoned, phantom can copy its effect, as long as its in the graveyard.

    Sophia, however, her effect only activates WHEN SHE IS SUMMONED. Therefore, phantom cannot copy her effect.

  3. @yugiohblogger

    Even if phantom of chaos COULD copy sophia’s effect, that’s a terrible idea. The point of Sophia is to wipe out EVERYTHING except both players’ decks so that Sophia herself could inflict 3600 damage each turn from then on. Phantom of chaos would have 0 attack, so if you banish everything with phantom of chaos, when its your opponent’s draw phase, he has a card, you have a 0 attack monster, and you’re kinda screwed.

  4. A direct attack still counts as battling and battle damage. So phantom of chaos should NOT copy Sophia’s effect even if it could b/c it just leaves you with a 0 atk monster on your opponent’s turn (after he draws a card). Sophia’s effect is great b/c she can continue to deal 3600 damage after her effect goes off.

  5. @ yugiohblogger

    no offence, but i’m getting the feeling u don’t know much about dueling.
    Oh and here’s a monster i’m sure u havn’t heard of: Dragon Master Knight

  6. @card lover

    Look you clearly don’t play competitively. You have no idea how easy it is to deal with Dragon Master Knight with all the spells/traps/monster effects that are dominating the meta now. If you think dragon master knight as a powerful card overall, you’re only a casual player.

  7. @ Victor
    actually, i was just stating that it’s a rare card.
    but you’re right, i might be slagging a bit i mean i’ve been so wrapped up with school, scouts, and not to mention the Acedemy. i mean what does banish mean? remove from play or destroy?

  8. @card lover

    Ofc banish means remove from play. Also, for the record, I think sephylon the ultimate timelord is far better than all 3 egyptian god cards, five headed, dragon master knight, all 3 wicked gods, all 3 sacred beasts, and malefic cyber end dragon. Do we all agree?

  9. @ yugiohblogger

    you know blogger, i think this blog is kinda cool, but what i think what would really capture poeple’s attention is if u wrote something about counterfeit yugioh cards. for example: the different processes (which u could easily find on youtube), commonly copied cards, or how to tell a real card from a fake card. u know, the works. i’m just giving you a few suggestions.

    oh, and have you thought about my challenge on The Strongest Duelist in Yugioh?

  10. or prehaps blue-eyes white dragon vs. cloudian-smoke ball. (ok, i admit it, i just want to see which is worse)

  11. I have a fabled-type deck, meaning I keep a bit of this and a bit of that in there, NOT monsters with ‘fabled’ in their name(OH! How cool would that be? I have TONS of those), and something like Sophia might really help me out. i’m also working on a Legendary deck that might need something like that.

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