The Power of Rank-Up Magic

Rank Up Barian's ForceDo you guys remember when Assault Mode┬ámonsters came out eons ago? They were supposed to revolutionize synchro monsters, but ended up flopping pretty badly. Just like the card to summon Assault Mode monsters was Assault Mode Activate, a similar card was released for Xyz monsters in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy. It’s a spell card called Rank-Up Magic Barian’s Force. Barian’s Force is a very unique card that increases the efficiency of summoning powerful Chaos Xyz monsters. If Barian’s Force doesn’t flop, it could actually make Xyz monsters, which are already powerful, even stronger and more fun to play.

Rank-Up Magic Barian’s Force is a fascinating card that has a revolutionary effect. You can target an Xyz monster you control and make it a material to a CXyz monster (which gets special summoned) of the same type, but is one rank higher. But wait there’s more! You can detach an Xyz monster from one of your foe’s monsters and attach it to your summoned monster. The benefit of Barian’s Force is that it makes playing power CXyz monsters so much easier and subsequently gives them a power-up, with the extra Xyz material monster.

Many of the recent CXyz monsters are one rank higher than the monsters their derived. Thus, Barian Force was created to instantly summon the CXyz monster once the user has summoned the original Xyz monster. For example, Number 39: Utopia would be the original monster and by using Barian Force, the user could easily play Number C39: Utopia Ray V, which is one rank higher than Utopia.

Barian Force isn’t quite mainstream yet, but once it is, the game could either become really fast and exciting or overpowered and boring. I personally think being able to play stronger monsters more quickly will make the game more exciting, as such scenarios would present duelists with more challenges.



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