Why is Destiny Hero Disc Commander Banned

I just do not understand why Disk Commander is banned, so in this post, I ponder its inclusion in the ban list. Why you think it is banned?

Yugioh Destiny Hero Disk CommanderFor those that don’t know, the Yugioh ban list is a list of all cards that are not allowed to be used in a tournament-setting duel. This also includes a list of limited cards (only one is allowed per deck) and semi-limited cards (two allowed). While I agree with most of the selections for this list, there are some inclusions that I just cannot fathom. One specifically, as per the title, is Destiny Hero Disc Commander. Help me answer this question: why is Disc Commander banned?

Disk Commander is a level one weakling with 300 attack and defense points. The reason it’s banned is due to its (supposed) broken effect: when Disk Commander is special summoned, its user gets to draw two cards. I could see why Disk Commander would be banned if it was able to form an infinite loop with another card, like Magician of Faith can. For Disk Commander to become broken, someone would need to use a deck stacked with revival cards, like Limit Reverse and Premature Burial. However, such a deck would turn Disk Commander’s ability moot: what’s the point of having draw power when your deck most consists of revival cards.

Most of the cards in the banned list can be over-powered, whether through a combo (Magician of Faith) or individually (Chaos Emperor Dragon). Disk Commander is part of neither of these groups. There are so many other cards that are worthy of inclusion in the banned list, like Number 16: Shock Master. Even banned list alumnus Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning is more deserving of being banned.

Tell me what you think is the reason for Disk Commander being banned.

13 thoughts on “Why is Destiny Hero Disc Commander Banned”

  1. I like to use him in combo with cards like Destiny Hero- Fear Monger because they both have so low atk u can keep having them sent to the grave in battle and then using fear mongers eff to special summon him and draw. This also works with Destiny Hero – Captain Tenacious.

  2. @andrew

    Yeah I also used to run Fear Monger and Tenacious combos with DC, but they were so inefficient and so I felt it was only helpful in late game situations.

  3. In Tele-DAD deck, just discard it with Destiny Draw, and then Special summon it with Call of the haunted, with more card, you got more chance to get your card needed…

    BTW, why not talk about the difference beetwen OCG-TCG banlist for September Format?

    sure, specially about the Broken Deck before, that everyone say “Prophecy and Dragon Ruler everywhere without the other”

  4. to be honest here, konami bans cards whose effects are just to powerful. for example, they banned victory dragon and card of last will.
    so maybe disk commander is banned because its effect is so powerful

  5. @ blogger
    Well, to options here: 1. Konami ALWAYS bans the best cards. I mean, look at Monster Reborn, it was my favorite card…and then it was banned.
    Or 2; It really WAS too powerful.
    Hope I helped. 😉

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