The Dragon Rulers – Taking Over Yugioh!

The Dragon Ruler archetype is becoming big in Yugioh! They have winning some big tournaments recently and have risen in popularity. We’ll look at the playing style of this archetype and why they are so powerful.

I recently wrote a post about the latest Yugioh booster pack, Lord of the Tachyon, and mentioned that it introduced a new archetype – Dragon Ruler. The Dragon Ruler monsters (also called Incarnate Dragon) are a very cool group of dragon type monsters that have become immensely popular in a short period of time. Though it is their ability to create deadly combos that is attributed to their rise, Dragon Ruler monsters are just awesome cards in general. Continue reading “The Dragon Rulers – Taking Over Yugioh!”

The Atlantean Archetype – The Return of the Water Archetype!

With the Atlantean archetype, Yugioh’s water attribute is making a comeback!

Poseidra, the Atlantean DragonThese days water monsters have become totally neglected. With the exception of the nifty Mermail archetype, there has been a significant hole in notable water-oriented archetypes. A majority of archetypes have focused on dark, light, and earth archetypes. I miss the old days where archetypes were equally represented, when you would actually see a variety of archetypes in play. However, I may not have to wait long for water archetypes to return to prominence. With the Mermail monsters already on the rise, Konami seems to be focusing another archetype as well: the Atlantean archetype. Continue reading “The Atlantean Archetype – The Return of the Water Archetype!”

Fire Fist Archetype – Future of Yugioh

The Fire Fist monsters have become one of the most popular archetypes in Yugioh! But for good reason – they are super powerful. Could Fire Fists be the future of Yugioh?

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - SnakeYugioh has seen several allmighty archetypes since its inception. From the old school Toon archetype, to the Hero archetype, to the Gladiator Beasts, to the Six Samurai, etc… Each season of Yugioh has introduced Tier 0 archetypes, those that are of the cream of the crop, and now another one will join the list – the Fire Fist archetype. Despite being recently released in the Cosmo Blazer booster pack, the Fire Fist monsters have quickly become one of the most popular archetypes in Yugioh, and for good reason.  Continue reading “Fire Fist Archetype – Future of Yugioh”

The Prophecy Archetype and the Power of Spellbook

The combo between the new Spellbook and Prophecy archetypes looks dangerous! They complement each other perfectly and have serious potential!

Yugioh Spellbook of WisdomMost archetypes in Yugioh are heavily dependent on monsters. The most popular archetypes are Blackwing, Six Samurai, X-Saber, etc… and they are all based around monsters. However, there have been a couple of exceptions to the rule, such as the Spell Counter archetype. Recently, another archetype (one that is also an exception to the rule) was released: the Spellbook archetype. This archetype revolves around numerous spells that hinder the opponent. Spellbook is actually a sub-archetype of the expanding Propechy archetype. These two archetypes have been changing the game of Yugioh and rising strength will soon make them the strongest combo in Yugioh! Continue reading “The Prophecy Archetype and the Power of Spellbook”

Cosmo Blazer and the Surge of The Zexal Weapons!

The upcoming Yugioh booster pack, Cosmo Blazer, features for Zexal Weapon monsters. These equip monsters, designed for Utopia and Utopia Ray, are in the process of becoming one of the most fearsome archetypes in Yugioh!

ZW - Lion ArmsFirst of all, I would like to wish all of you’re a happy new year! Konami’s New Year is about to kick off with the upcoming release of the hyped booster pack, Cosmo Blazer. The official release date is in two weeks, on January 25th. Cosmo Blazer will be building on most of the archetypes introduced in Zexal. However, it also develops the Utopia archetype, with the release of numerous Zexal Weapon (ZW) monsters. Zexal Weapons, as talked about in a previous post I wrote, are powerful equip monsters for Number 39: Utopia and Number C39: Utopia Ray. Each Zexal Weapon gives Utopia a fairy significant power boost. However, only two Zexal Weapons have been released so far, but there are going to be four ZW monsters released with Cosmo Blazer. These monsters are going to make the Utopia archetype a group to be feared! Continue reading “Cosmo Blazer and the Surge of The Zexal Weapons!”

Mermail Archetype – More Mermaids in Yugioh

There have actually been several mermaid cards in Yugioh and they have been quite powerful. However, the Mermail archetypes are still a very unique creation and have the power to back up their cool graphics.

Yugioh Mermail AbyssmegaloThere have actually been several mermaid cards in Yugioh and they have been quite powerful. Who can forget Cure Mermaid, the cute critter with a solid 1500 attack and an ability that allowed its user to gain 800 life points every Standby Phase. With the recent release of Rising Abyss, mermaid cards are back in the form of the Mermail archetype. Mermail monsters aren’t only a group of mermaid monsters, but include sea monsters as well. They have brought back water-oriented monsters into prominence with their abilities.  Continue reading “Mermail Archetype – More Mermaids in Yugioh”