The Duelist Genesis

This post talks about the negatives and the positives of the new yugioh 5Ds booster pack.

My first post will talk about a new, but popular Yugioh booster pack. It is the Duelist Genesis, the debut booster pack for Yugioh 5Ds. 5Ds cards do not require polymerization for fusion. Instead, 1 tuner monster and 1 non-tuner monster must be removed from play. This fusion sequence reminds of contact fusion, the special ability of the Elemental Hero Neos Cards.

A great card that can be obtained through the Duelist Genesis is Krebons. Krebons’ sweet effect allows him to negate any attack directed at him, but for 800 life points. You can escape this catch by activating Solemn Wishes. You can gain 500 life points for each card you draw. Then in your next turn, by playing a non-tuner monster, you can remove Krebons and the non-tuner to play a mighty synchro monster to finish off your opponent. This a strong combo.

You might think that the 5Ds cards are too simple. Many of their effects are not original at all but that is what makes the 5Ds cards good. Each card has an effect that creates a little combo with other 5Ds cards. Some more devastating than others. That is why I would recommend duelists to buy the Duelist Genesis and use its card combos to your advantage.

Positive: Good card combos, simple fusion sequence.

Negative: Easy to counter effects, many catches.

Pack Rating: 8.5/10