Yugioh Rise of the New Number

Yugioh DuelistsI have  been a huge fan of Yugioh World Championship games ever since it was released for the Nintendo DS. I was enthralled by Stardust Accelerator when it was released in 2009. I was awed with its duel-runner capabilities and held the game series with high regard. With a awesome storyline and phenomenal gameplay, last year’s Over the Nexus increased my liking for the World Championship series. Though it hasn’t been released yet, I have high expectations of the upcoming 2012 World Championship game, Beginning the New Number. Continue reading “Yugioh Rise of the New Number”

The Prophecy Archetype and the Power of Spellbook

The combo between the new Spellbook and Prophecy archetypes looks dangerous! They complement each other perfectly and have serious potential!

Yugioh Spellbook of WisdomMost archetypes in Yugioh are heavily dependent on monsters. The most popular archetypes are Blackwing, Six Samurai, X-Saber, etc… and they are all based around monsters. However, there have been a couple of exceptions to the rule, such as the Spell Counter archetype. Recently, another archetype (one that is also an exception to the rule) was released: the Spellbook archetype. This archetype revolves around numerous spells that hinder the opponent. Spellbook is actually a sub-archetype of the expanding Propechy archetype. These two archetypes have been changing the game of Yugioh and rising strength will soon make them the strongest combo in Yugioh! Continue reading “The Prophecy Archetype and the Power of Spellbook”

Cosmo Blazer and the Surge of The Zexal Weapons!

The upcoming Yugioh booster pack, Cosmo Blazer, features for Zexal Weapon monsters. These equip monsters, designed for Utopia and Utopia Ray, are in the process of becoming one of the most fearsome archetypes in Yugioh!

ZW - Lion ArmsFirst of all, I would like to wish all of you’re a happy new year! Konami’s New Year is about to kick off with the upcoming release of the hyped booster pack, Cosmo Blazer. The official release date is in two weeks, on January 25th. Cosmo Blazer will be building on most of the archetypes introduced in Zexal. However, it also develops the Utopia archetype, with the release of numerous Zexal Weapon (ZW) monsters. Zexal Weapons, as talked about in a previous post I wrote, are powerful equip monsters for Number 39: Utopia and Number C39: Utopia Ray. Each Zexal Weapon gives Utopia a fairy significant power boost. However, only two Zexal Weapons have been released so far, but there are going to be four ZW monsters released with Cosmo Blazer. These monsters are going to make the Utopia archetype a group to be feared! Continue reading “Cosmo Blazer and the Surge of The Zexal Weapons!”

The Strongest Yugioh Egyptian God Card

The Egyptian God Cards are the most iconic figures in Yugioh. Whether you played Yugioh or did not play, you knew about these cards and obsessed over them. However, out of the three, which is the strongest?

After so many years of anticipation, the legal version of Slifer the Sky Dragon was finally released for the TCG. Its release marked the TCG collection of the Egyptian God Cards, with Obelisk the Tormentor and The Winged Dragon of Ra coming prior. While the Yugioh anime has portrayed The Winged Dragon of Ra to be the most powerful of the Egyptian Gods, which of the real-world cards is the strongest? Continue reading “The Strongest Yugioh Egyptian God Card”

Mermail Archetype – More Mermaids in Yugioh

There have actually been several mermaid cards in Yugioh and they have been quite powerful. However, the Mermail archetypes are still a very unique creation and have the power to back up their cool graphics.

Yugioh Mermail AbyssmegaloThere have actually been several mermaid cards in Yugioh and they have been quite powerful. Who can forget Cure Mermaid, the cute critter with a solid 1500 attack and an ability that allowed its user to gain 800 life points every Standby Phase. With the recent release of Rising Abyss, mermaid cards are back in the form of the Mermail archetype. Mermail monsters aren’t only a group of mermaid monsters, but include sea monsters as well. They have brought back water-oriented monsters into prominence with their abilities.  Continue reading “Mermail Archetype – More Mermaids in Yugioh”

Strongest Numbers in Yugioh Part 2

Part two of the strongest Numbers in Yugioh. Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis takes home the prize for its ridiculous stats and killer effect.

Here is part two of the top 10 strongest Number monsters in Yugioh.

Number 40: Gimmick Puppet Strings5. Number 40: Gimmick Puppet Strings – GPS can be a tough monster to summon, since two level eight monsters are required in order for it to undergo an exceed summon. However, when on the field, this monster can literally destroy your opponent. GPS has a whopping 3000 attack and 2000 defense, along with a cataclysmic effect. Once per turn, by discarding one of its material monsters, GPS attaches String Counters to every monster on the field excluding itself. Then, during your opponent’s following end phase, all monsters with String Counters are destroyed, inflicting 500 attack points for each monster destroyed. Barring spell/trap interference, this effect deals at least 3000 damage to your opponent, since it opens up for a direct attack by GPS. Considering it can use its effect twice, GPS has the ability to deal 6000 damage with its effect. That is ridiculous. Continue reading “Strongest Numbers in Yugioh Part 2”

Strongest Numbers in Yugioh Part 1

Xyz monsters have become very popular, especially the number monsters. What are the top 10 Number monsters in Yugioh?

Xyz monsters have developed into some of the greatest powerhouses in all of Yugioh. Ever since the release of the first Xyz monster, Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, Xyz monsters have become staples in most decks. The trademark Xyz monsters are the number monsters. There have been several Number monsters introduced up to this point and Yugioh Zexall II is bound to showcase even more. Out of the numerous Number monsters released, which are the strongest?

Number 11: Big Eye10. Number 11: Big Eye – While Big Eye may be tough to summon, as it requires two, level seven monsters to summon, its effect and stats make it a solid monster. Big Eye is a tough monster to bring down with its 2600 attack and 2000 defense points. On top of that, it has an awesome effect! Once per turn, by detaching one of its Xyz material monsters, Big Eye can take control of a monster on your opponent’s side of the field. While Big Eye cannot declare an attack the turn this effect is used, it is a great way to turn the tide on your opponent.  Continue reading “Strongest Numbers in Yugioh Part 1”

Heraldic Beasts – New, yet Strong, Yugioh Archetype

Heraldic Beasts are going to be some of the most insane monsters in Yugioh! They have a cool ability to power Xyz monsters and their ace, Number 8: Heraldic King Genome is very powerful!

Yugioh Heraldic BeastsThere is hot anticipation for the Abyss Rising booster pack that is being released to the TCG in about two weeks. While the booster pack’s cover monster, Number C32: Chaos Drake Weiss, is hogging most of the fame, Abyss Rising has a lot of bright spots. One, for instance, is the debut of the Heraldic Beast archetype, the powerful monsters owned by Vetrix in the anime. The Heraldic Beasts have an incredibly unique playing style and are one of the most interesting monsters in Yugioh.  Continue reading “Heraldic Beasts – New, yet Strong, Yugioh Archetype”

Return of the Duelist – Best Booster Pack in Yugioh Zexal

Return of the Duelist is one of the strongest booster packs ever introduced in Yugioh, as it features the strongest card of the Zexal series: Chronomaly Atlandis!

Return of the DuelistSo far, under Yugioh Zexal’s one year run, there have been some good booster packs. While Photon Shockwave was decent (Generation Force was a god awful pack), the last two packs, Order of Chaos and Galactic Overlord, have contained some really great cards. However, none of these packs compare to Return of the Duelsit, which easily tops all of the booster packs that have been released in Zexal. There is a simple reason: it features one of the coolest monsters of all time – Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis! Continue reading “Return of the Duelist – Best Booster Pack in Yugioh Zexal”

Yugioh Limited Edition Packs

Limited Edition booster packs have contained a lot of super cool and powerful monsters.

Limited Edition Packs are one of the coolest types of packs in Yugioh. Most of them contain about five cards, but they stress quality over quantity. In fact, Limited Edition Packs have contained some of the strongest cards in Yugioh. I have used a lot of these monsters in my decks and often see other duelists use them as well. I will talk about a few of the most valuable cards that one can find in Limited Edition Packs.  Continue reading “Yugioh Limited Edition Packs”