Ghost Rare Honest

Though it is a very high priced card, Honest is not very good at all. It is hard to get, has an okay effect, and has horrible stats. It’s all hype I tell you…

Yu-Gi-Oh HonestFor the last couple of weeks I have been trying to sell my ghost rare Honest on a website. G.R. Honest is one of the most valuable Yugioh cards. It sells very high in many places. Last summer was when I had acquired Honest. I had bought the new Light of Destruction booster pack. When I opened the booster pack a peculiar, shiny white card fell on my hand. When I searched the card on Google I had learned it was an incredibly valuable card!

There are a lot of places you can buy an Honest. It is about 70$ on Amazon and is 25$ on EBay at the lowest. I don’t that Honest should be worth so much because it has weak stats and its effect only works on certain types of monsters. Still it is a tremendously rare card.

The Elemental Hero Deck

The E-Hero cards are some the most popular cards. It is not surprising why. They consist of many strong monsters. The fusion monsters are just too powerful. Easy to make strategies too.

Yu-Gi-Oh Elemental Hero Neos
Elemental Hero Neos

Today I dueled one of my friends to see who was a stronger duelist. Instead of using my main deck, I decided on trying my new Hero deck. This deck consisted of cards like Elemental Hero Neos and Destiny Hero Doom Lord. My friend’s deck consisted of strong fiend cards like Dark Necrofear and Raviel Lord of Phantasms.

I had an advantage in this duel. My friend had a lot of strong monsters, but he did not have any strategy. Many of his spell and trap cards had nothing to do with fiends and were just in his deck for their effects. At first he used Card of Destruction and discarded his hand, which had three fiends in them. He removed the three fiends from play to summon Dark Necrofear.

He inflicted lots of damage to me with Dark Necrofear. It seemed as if the duel was his. However, I drew a clutch card in the 9th turn. It was Destiny Hero Doom Lord. I played D-Hero Doom Lord and activated his effect. He could send one monster out of play and it would return in the second standby phase of this effect’s activation, but Necrofear cannot be special summoned unless you remove from play three fiends so it was a good move on my part.

In my friend’s next turn he destroyed Doom Lord with Octaclops. Due to my Hero Signal trap card, I special summoned onto the field E-Hero Neos. In my turn, I special summoned E-Hero Sparkman with the effect of O-Oversoul. When I activated my Pot of Greed, I sealed the duel. I had drawn Hero FLASH!!. Since Oversoul, Heated Heart, Emergency Call, and Righteous Justice was in the graveyard, I was able to activate Hero FLASH!!. With Hero Flash, all my normal monsters could attack directly. This included my Sparkman, Warrior Dai Grepher, and my Neos. With the attack, my friend lost 5800 life points, costing him the duel.

Since then I have given my Elemental Hero Deck and upgrade. I have added more monsters to it and more defensive spell and traps like Sakuretsu Armor. This deck consists of some of the most popular Yugioh cards. My friend even told me this was a Yugioh deck to be feared. Though I assembled it with random Hero cards, it seems to have enough potential to be my starting deck.

Good: Many, many, possible combos. A lot of fusions. Strong monsters.

Bad: Not enough defensive cards. Trap cards are very predictable.

Deck Rating: 9/10

My Best Yugioh Cards

My best three cards are Barrel Dragon, Wave Motion Cannon, and Zoma the Spirit. These cards are my powerhouses and each can be placed in a burn deck.

In this post I would like to talk about three cards from my Yugioh deck. My strongest monster, my strongest spell card, and my strongest trap. These cards are the heart and soul of my deck and are the reasons of why my Yugioh deck is strong.

My strongest is Barrel Dragon. You can’t accomplish many combos with it, but has an attack power of 2600. It also has a good effect. Every turn you can flip a coin three times. If 2/3 of the results are heads, it can destroy one monster on your opponent’s side of the field. It can easily destroy defending monsters as well.

My strongest spell is Wave Motion Cannon. It has a life-ending effect and is one of the best cards to add in a burn deck. After this card played, you can destroy it in your main phase. Your foe loses 1000 life points x every one of your standby phases that have passed after this card’s activation. You can speed up the process by playing cards like Pyro Clock of Destiny.

The best trap in my deck is Zoma the Spirit. Not only can it be played as a monster, once it is destroyed, your opponent loses life points equal to the attack points of the monster that destroyed Zoma. This is another card that can be put in a burn deck and can be acquired in the Phantom of Darkness booster pack.

These are three of my best Yugioh cards. I was very lucky to have received these cards. I hope that you find your special cards as I have found mine.

Sacred Beast Cards – Strong Monsters

Sacred Beast Cards are stronger than God Cards or Egyptian God Cards. They consist of Raviel, Lord of Phantasms, Hamon Lord of Striking Thunder and Uria Lord of Searing Flames.

Some of the most powerful cards in Yugioh consist of Exodia, Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the Beginning, Yubel Ultimate Nightmare, and Elemental Hero God Neos. The Egyptian God Cards are no weaklings either. However, they are forbidden from tournaments and have no effects in real life. Then came the Sacred Beasts.

The Sacred Beasts are remakes of the Egyptian God Cards. Plus they are equally powerful and can be used in Tournaments. The three Sacred Beasts are Raviel, Lord of Phantasms, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder, and Uria, Lord Searing Flames. They are much harder to play than the Egyptian Gods, but are incredibly strong.

Raviel is thought to be the strongest of the Sacred Beasts. By sacrificing one monster you control, Raviel gains attack points equal to that monster’s attack points. Each time your opponent normal summons a monster, you can special one Phantasm Token to your field. Raviel is very strong but can only be special summoned by tributing three fiends from your field.

Uria can only be summoned by removing three traps from play. Uria gains 1000 attack points for each continuous trap card in your graveyard. It can also destroy 1 spell or trap card per turn. Uria looks like a complete replica of Slifer the Sky Dragon except that it has golden streaks down its head unlike Slifer.

Hamon is the final Sacred Beast. It is very hard to play. You have to remove three continuous spell cards. If Hamon is in defense position, it is the only monster your opponent can attack. For every monster Hamon destroys it inflicts 1000 damage to your opponent.

If you have the cards to play them, the Sacred Beasts are very helpful cards. They have very high attack and defense power. These three monsters can be obtained through their own tins or the Shadow of Infinity booster pack. If acquired, these cards will pack a punch.

Blue Eyes White Dragon Fusions

Blue Eyes white dragon is one of the strongest cards in yugioh. It is virtually indestructable.

Blue Eyes White Dragon itself is a powerful monster. It has 3000 attack power and 2500 defense power. Though it doesn’t have a counter effect to spells and traps, it is still hard to destroy in battle. Blue Eyes W. Dragon would be a monster one would consider putting in a burn deck. If Blue Eyes W. Dragon is this strong, how strong are its fusions?

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is one of the scarce level 12 monsters. Blue Eyes U. Dragon has 4500 attack power and 3800 defense power. It is virtually impossible to defeat it in battle and if it is destroyed by spell or trap cards you can just use Monster Reborn to return it from the graveyard. It is difficult to draw three Blue Eyes W. Dragons in your hand and then activate Polymerization. Instead, you can use cards like Future Fusion. By removing three fusion material monsters from your deck, you can special summon the fusion monster in two turns.

There is still one more Blue Eyes W. Dragon fusion. This monster is one of the strongest cards in the game. Dragon Master Knight. D.M.K is the fusion of Blue Eyes U. Dragon and Black Luster Soldier. D.M.K has 5000 attack and defense power. What is different about D.M.K than Blue Eyes White and Ultimate Dragons is that it has an effect. For every dragon monster on your side of the field, it gains 500 attack power. Sadly, D.M.K cannot be brought back from the graveyard and is not immune to spells and traps.

Yu-Gi-Oh Dragon Master Knight Yu-Gi-Oh Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Blue Eyes White Dragon

There is more to Blue Eyes White Dragon than meets the eye. Though it has no effect, there are many combos that can be accomplished with the Blue Eyes W. Dragon. It is a easy card to acquire but is a force to be reckoned with.

Yugioh Structure Decks

Yugioh Structure Decks help teach great combos to any duelist. Very helpful deck(s).

Many duelists like to make decks out of their rare cards. They see which monsters, spells, and traps are fit to be in their deck. That is how I created my deck as well. However, when you first start playing Yugioh, creating your deck is not a good idea. Type Structure decks provide young duelists a starting deck in which they can build on as they gain experience with cards of their choice.

Currently, there are 14 structure decks in the U.S. For beginner duelists, buying a structure deck is a good way to start your dueling career. Not only do the 14 structure decks teach basic combos, they also show young duelists how to win in a clutch situation.

One of my favorite structure decks is the Dark Emperor deck. This deck has very good combos and makes it easy to play high level monsters. For example, by activating Dimensional Fissure, any destroyed card goes out of play instead of the graveyard. After a few turns there will be many monsters out of play. Then by activating Return from a Different Dimension, you can special summon as many monsters as you can from out of play. You can tribute some of those monsters to play a stronger monster or attack with all of them.

It doesn’t matter what structure deck you buy, it is sure to help you. I learned many key strategies from decks like Invincible Fortress and Warriors Triumph. I guarantee that anybody will improve as a duelist by using structure decks.

Positive: Teaches basic and advanced combos; strategies.

Negative: Not many powerful monsters, not tournament caliber decks.

Deck(s) Rating: 9/10

The Exodia Cards

Exodia and Exodia Necross cards are stronger than the God Cards. They can deliver a one hit knockout.

Ever since Yugioh cards have been sold, every duelist talked about Exodia. Even after 12 years since Yugioh was created, Exodia is still very popular among duelists. I don’t understand what all the hype is about though? Everyone knows Exodia is one of the toughest cards to play. Or is it?

Drawing cards is a rule of Yugioh but you might not be able to draw the five pieces of Exodia consecutively. That is why you need to gather special monsters, spells, traps, and add them to your deck. Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest are very helpful when it comes to playing Exodia.

If you cannot play Exodia, you can always try on playing Exodia Necross. Exodia Necross is pretty easy to play. Each time you draw a piece of Exodia, set it face down. It is sure to get destroyed. Or leave it in your hand and use cards such as Delinquent Duo and Card of Destruction. Once you have gotten rid of the Exodia cards and have activated Contract of Exodia, play Exodia Necross. If your opponent tries to remove the Exodia pieces of play then activate cards like Mystical Space Typhoon or Twister to destroy those spell and traps.

Acquiring Exodia might be difficult. However, by selling some of your rare cards, you can buy the five pieces of Exodia at or even from ebay. Look over your cards and find effects that you know will helpful on playing Exodia and remember, playing Exodia might be hard but it is not impossible.

Exodia vs. Blue Eyes White Dragons

The Duelist Genesis

This post talks about the negatives and the positives of the new yugioh 5Ds booster pack.

My first post will talk about a new, but popular Yugioh booster pack. It is the Duelist Genesis, the debut booster pack for Yugioh 5Ds. 5Ds cards do not require polymerization for fusion. Instead, 1 tuner monster and 1 non-tuner monster must be removed from play. This fusion sequence reminds of contact fusion, the special ability of the Elemental Hero Neos Cards.

A great card that can be obtained through the Duelist Genesis is Krebons. Krebons’ sweet effect allows him to negate any attack directed at him, but for 800 life points. You can escape this catch by activating Solemn Wishes. You can gain 500 life points for each card you draw. Then in your next turn, by playing a non-tuner monster, you can remove Krebons and the non-tuner to play a mighty synchro monster to finish off your opponent. This a strong combo.

You might think that the 5Ds cards are too simple. Many of their effects are not original at all but that is what makes the 5Ds cards good. Each card has an effect that creates a little combo with other 5Ds cards. Some more devastating than others. That is why I would recommend duelists to buy the Duelist Genesis and use its card combos to your advantage.

Positive: Good card combos, simple fusion sequence.

Negative: Easy to counter effects, many catches.

Pack Rating: 8.5/10