The Strongest Archetype in Yugioh as of 2012

A couple of years ago, the strongest monsters in Yugioh were X-Sabers. However, Six Samurais have taken over that distinction.

Yugioh Legendary Six Samurai Shi EnTwo years ago, I posted an article about how the X-Sabers were the strongest archetype. Fast forward two years and they are still a top tier archetype. Number one? That award goes probably goes to Six Samurai. Continue reading “The Strongest Archetype in Yugioh as of 2012”

Yugioh Agents – Tier 1 Fairy Archetype

Yugioh Agent monsters are some of the strongest monsters in the game. New released in the Order of Chaos booster pack have increased their power.

Yugioh The Agent of Myster - EarthDark Worlds have become a tier one archetype thanks to the addition of the Grapha, Dragon of the Dark World as well as other support cards. However, as you may have heard the saying, “when there is darkness, there is light.” Introducing, the Yugioh Agent deck, another deck that has climbed to tier one. An agent deck utilizes a lot of fairy monsters, aided with the effect of The Sanctuary in the Sky. Similar to how Dark World decks revolve around Grapha, Agent decks revolve around a monster known as Master Hyperion, who is possibly the strongest fairy monster in Yugioh. Continue reading “Yugioh Agents – Tier 1 Fairy Archetype”

Yugioh Ninja Monsters – Overlooked Archetype

Ninja monsters are really powerful. However, they are extremely overlooked, as they are not part of the meta-game.

Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armer NinjaYugioh ninja monsters have been out for quite a while. In  fact, one of the first ninja monsters, Strike Ninja, was considered so lethal that it had to be banned. One of the first Yugioh cards ever made was a ninja, Armed Ninja (he was a nuisance to duel against ‘back in the day’). A few other ninja monsters came out, but ninjas were not very popular until the release of Order of Chaos. The booster pack has released many new types of ninja monsters and has cemented ninjas as one of the more popular archetypes in Yugioh. Continue reading “Yugioh Ninja Monsters – Overlooked Archetype”

Wind-Up Monsters – Tier 1 Archetype?

Wind-Up monsters were used a lot in high level tournaments this year. However, are they a tier one archetype?

Yugioh Wind-Up ZenmainesRecently, I was looking at the finalists for the 2012 World Championships and a majority of those duelists used a particular archetype: Wind-Up. I had heard of Wind-Up monsters, notably the powerful Wind-Up Zenmaines, but had never seen them in action. After researching the archetype, I have come to realize that Wind-Up monsters are one-of-a-kind. They are not focused on a specific strategy; Wind-Up monsters utilize all-around tactics, from swarming to stat manipulation. They seem like an incredibly powerful archetype, but the question is, can they be called Tier 1?  Continue reading “Wind-Up Monsters – Tier 1 Archetype?”

The Strongest Duelist in Yugioh

The strongest duelist in Yugioh is Bakura, because his spiritual strength is overwhelming and his duel strategies are second-to-none.

Yugioh BakuraThe strongest duelist in Yugioh is none another than… Bakura! I know, a lot of people will argue that Bakura is weaker than some of the duelists I had mentioned in my first and second list. However, if you watched the Egypt arc of the original Yugioh series, then you’d have seen Bakura’s amazing power. Continue reading “The Strongest Duelist in Yugioh”

Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 2

Part 2 of the Strongest Duelist in Yugioh is highlighted by duelists such as Kaiba and Jaden. However, Yugi is not the number one duelist!

Yugioh Seto KaibaHere is part two of the Strongest Duelist in Yugioh:

5. Seto Kaiba

Arguably the most ruthless character in Yugioh, Kaiba’s relentlessness allows him to be one of the strongest duelists in Yugioh. He is focused on blowing his opponent’s to smithereens with his trademark Blue Eyes White Dragon and relentless offensive strategies. In order to beat, Kaiba be prepared to take a load of pounding before hitting him back with an equally powerful counter attack. Continue reading “Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 2”

Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 1

Part one of the top 10 duelists in Yugioh, including fan favorites such as Jack Atlas and Joey Wheeler.

Yugioh Marik IshtarThroughout the four generations of the Yugioh series, we have seen a lot of powerful duelists – from heroes to villains. When most people think of the strongest duelist in Yugioh, they think of the Pharaoh/Yugi. However there are a lot of other duelists one must consider when discussing the strongest duelist in Yugioh. There is also Jaden, Yusei, Kaiba, Kite, etc… Starting from this post, I will list the top 10 strongest duelists in Yugioh and their merit for being chosen. Continue reading “Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 1”

Yugioh Chronomaly Monsters – Archetype of Destruction!

Chronomaly is an archetype that will be released for Yugioh in the upcoming Return of the Duelist booster pack. With two extremely powerful Xyz monsters, Chronomaly has the potential to cause a storm in the Yugioh world!

If you have been following Yugioh Zexal, then you have seen the epic duel between Yuma and III, who used a Chronomaly deck. Though III lost that duel, the awesomeness and destructiveness of Chronomaly monsters were on full display. Known as OOpArts in the OCG, Chronomaly is an archetype that focuses on swarming Xyz monsters. They are making their TCG debut in the upcoming booster pack Return of the Duelist. The Chronomaly archetype may not have a lot of support as of now, but they have two extremely powerful Number Xyz monsters as their base and are sure to be a threat in the near future. Continue reading “Yugioh Chronomaly Monsters – Archetype of Destruction!”

Yugioh Structure Deck: Samurai Warlords

The new Samurai Warlords structure deck allows duelist to duel with a basic Six Samurai deck and build a more competitive one. It is a great buy for any fan of Six Samurai.

Yugioh Shadow of the Six Samurai ShienSix Samurai monsters are some of the strongest in the game of Yugioh. Only the X-Saber archetype can rival the offensive prowess of the Six Samurai archetype. However, like any archetype, the cost of building a strong and complete Six Samurai deck was pretty high due to the rarity of certain monsters such as Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En. However, thanks to the recent release of a structure deck, Samurai Warlords, duelists can build a basic Six Samurai deck. Add some cards, and you’re dealing with a full-fledged Six Samurai deck, ready to compete in tournaments! Continue reading “Yugioh Structure Deck: Samurai Warlords”

Yugioh Duelist Pack Yuma for TCG

Duelist Pack Yuma hasn’t been released for TCG. When it is though, I expect there to be some more cards than the OCG version and I give a rundown of some cards I would want to see.

Yugioh Duelist Pack YumaIt has been bothering me that Duelist Pack Yuma has not yet been released for TCG. There are so many good cards that duelists would love to have in that booster pack, such as the powerful Number 61: Volcasaurus and Number 19: Freezerdon. I’m sure duelist pack Yuma will eventually be released for TCG, but when it is, it needs to have a greater variety of cards than what the OCG version has.  Continue reading “Yugioh Duelist Pack Yuma for TCG”