Yugioh Zexal – What Happened to Astral World?

There are a lot of mysteries in Yugioh Zexal surrounding Astral world and in this post, I give my thoughts about those mysteries and predictions as to what is to come.

I have been following Yugioh Zexal for quite sometime now, and I must say, it is no where as good as 5Ds or GX. There are too many filler episodes that are insignificant to the story. The current Grand Prix arc seems to be quite interesting with an introduction to new villains (the Tron family, Tron, III, IV, and V). Astral World has been brought up a lot during this┬ástory-line: its destruction, Astral’s “exile”, and the significance of the Emperor’s Key. I have one question: what the heck happened to Astral world and how are Yuma and his parents tied to all of this? Continue reading “Yugioh Zexal – What Happened to Astral World?”