Yugioh Monster Card Competition

The third Yugioh contest is based off of Yugioh Cardmaker. In this Yugioh contest, you have to create a realistic monster card and the top two get prizes. Also, for extra points, you can make two cards (one monster and any type of other card) to put in the Yugioh contest.

Recently, I talked about Yugioh Card Maker, a website that allows one to create their own Yugioh card. Since I have been getting a lot of requests to start another contest, I decided that I would start one, however add Card Maker as the goal. What you need to do for this competition is go to Card Maker and create your own monster card. Be creative! Make a Sonic the Hedgehog card or a Barney monster card! Then, save the picture on to your hard drive and email to www.yugiohblogger@gmail.com.

The winner will be judged on three things:

  • Creativity
  • Grammar
  • Realism

I don’t want  monsters who have 10000 attack points or who wins the duel when played. It should be life-like stats, maybe something that matches the character and the effect should be real. Also, if you send another card  (has to be related to your monster), that will help your scores. For instance, if you send Naruto as your monster, you could also send me a spell or trap card called Rasengan or something. Because of the close victory by Cbas against Riley during the last competition I will allow two winners. Grand prize is 1 Blue Eyes White Dragon(Ultra rare), 1 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon(super rare), and a Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest. The second place prize is a secret rare Elemental Hero Thunder Giant.

Good luck everyone! I expect to see a lot of great cards and I am enthusiastic that this will one of the greatest contests yet! If you have any questions leave them as comments or email me at www.yugiohblog.com

Blue Eyes White Dragon Fusions

Blue Eyes white dragon is one of the strongest cards in yugioh. It is virtually indestructable.

Blue Eyes White Dragon itself is a powerful monster. It has 3000 attack power and 2500 defense power. Though it doesn’t have a counter effect to spells and traps, it is still hard to destroy in battle. Blue Eyes W. Dragon would be a monster one would consider putting in a burn deck. If Blue Eyes W. Dragon is this strong, how strong are its fusions?

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is one of the scarce level 12 monsters. Blue Eyes U. Dragon has 4500 attack power and 3800 defense power. It is virtually impossible to defeat it in battle and if it is destroyed by spell or trap cards you can just use Monster Reborn to return it from the graveyard. It is difficult to draw three Blue Eyes W. Dragons in your hand and then activate Polymerization. Instead, you can use cards like Future Fusion. By removing three fusion material monsters from your deck, you can special summon the fusion monster in two turns.

There is still one more Blue Eyes W. Dragon fusion. This monster is one of the strongest cards in the game. Dragon Master Knight. D.M.K is the fusion of Blue Eyes U. Dragon and Black Luster Soldier. D.M.K has 5000 attack and defense power. What is different about D.M.K than Blue Eyes White and Ultimate Dragons is that it has an effect. For every dragon monster on your side of the field, it gains 500 attack power. Sadly, D.M.K cannot be brought back from the graveyard and is not immune to spells and traps.

Yu-Gi-Oh Dragon Master Knight Yu-Gi-Oh Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Blue Eyes White Dragon

There is more to Blue Eyes White Dragon than meets the eye. Though it has no effect, there are many combos that can be accomplished with the Blue Eyes W. Dragon. It is a easy card to acquire but is a force to be reckoned with.