Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 1

Part one of the top 10 duelists in Yugioh, including fan favorites such as Jack Atlas and Joey Wheeler.

Yugioh Marik IshtarThroughout the four generations of the Yugioh series, we have seen a lot of powerful duelists – from heroes to villains. When most people think of the strongest duelist in Yugioh, they think of the Pharaoh/Yugi. However there are a lot of other duelists one must consider when discussing the strongest duelist in Yugioh. There is also Jaden, Yusei, Kaiba, Kite, etc… Starting from this post, I will list the top 10 strongest duelists in Yugioh and their merit for being chosen. Continue reading “Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 1”