Yugioh Chronomaly Monsters – Archetype of Destruction!

Chronomaly is an archetype that will be released for Yugioh in the upcoming Return of the Duelist booster pack. With two extremely powerful Xyz monsters, Chronomaly has the potential to cause a storm in the Yugioh world!

If you have been following Yugioh Zexal, then you have seen the epic duel between Yuma and III, who used a Chronomaly deck. Though III lost that duel, the awesomeness and destructiveness of Chronomaly monsters were on full display. Known as OOpArts in the OCG, Chronomaly is an archetype that focuses on swarming Xyz monsters. They are making their TCG debut in the upcoming booster pack Return of the Duelist. The Chronomaly archetype may not have a lot of support as of now, but they have two extremely powerful Number Xyz monsters as their base and are sure to be a threat in the near future. Continue reading “Yugioh Chronomaly Monsters – Archetype of Destruction!”