Return of the Duelist – Best Booster Pack in Yugioh Zexal

Return of the Duelist is one of the strongest booster packs ever introduced in Yugioh, as it features the strongest card of the Zexal series: Chronomaly Atlandis!

Return of the DuelistSo far, under Yugioh Zexal’s one year run, there have been some good booster packs. While Photon Shockwave was decent (Generation Force was a god awful pack), the last two packs, Order of Chaos and Galactic Overlord, have contained some really great cards. However, none of these packs compare to Return of the Duelsit, which easily tops all of the booster packs that have been released in Zexal. There is a simple reason: it features one of the coolest monsters of all time – Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis! Continue reading “Return of the Duelist – Best Booster Pack in Yugioh Zexal”