Ninja Deck – Strong Yugioh Archetype

Ninjas are strong Yugioh monsters and with the release of Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja in the Order of Chaos, they have become even stronger.

Armor Ninjutsu of Armed RustYugioh ninja monsters have been out for quite a while. In ¬†fact, one of the first ninja monsters, Strike Ninja, was considered so lethal that it had to be banned. One of the first Yugioh cards ever made was a ninja, Armed Ninja (he was a nuisance to duel against ‘back in the day’). A few other ninja monsters came out, but ninjas were not very popular until the release of Order of Chaos. The booster pack has released many new types of ninja monsters and has cemented ninjas as one of the more popular archetypes in Yugioh. Continue reading “Ninja Deck – Strong Yugioh Archetype”

Stall Deck – A Strong Yugioh Deck

Using a Yugioh stall deck is an easy, risk-free, way of defeating your opponent. Dark Simorgh lockdown is one of the most powerful stall decks in Yugioh.

A Stall Deck is designed to slow your opponent down and make it difficult to either inflict damage or even to attack. Stalling is not a way to win by itself; it is usually used as a means to an ends. Although it is most commonly used in the Exodia Deck, it is also used in the Destiny Board Deck and the Burn Deck. In rare cases it may succeed in running opponents out of cards to draw from their deck, or to win with cards such as “Final Countdown” and “Wave-Motion Cannon”. Continue reading “Stall Deck – A Strong Yugioh Deck”