The Winner of the First Yugioh Blog Contest!

The conclusion to the first ever contest. Very nice and well written stories but in the end, only one person will win.

I was hoping there would be more contestants but two people sent me their story about their favorite Yugioh card(s). One story was sent by Jesse and another story was sent by The Duelist. Both were fantastic stories but in the end, only one person won. I will share the stories then give the name of the winner. Also, if some of you think one story was better than the other, I’ll be willing to change my choice.

From Jesse:

I guess my favorite card would have to be Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus, i know its kind of  weird but I love that card and all crystal beasts. I used to play Yugioh around 2003-2004, and left around 2004, but I recently returned to the game and I randomly choose the Sapphire Pegasus tin.  Well when I opened the pack, the image was just captivating, I must have just stared at it for around 10 minutes, something about the card just clicked in my head. Anyways luck found me again when I opened a box of a Force of the Breaker cards and I found the same card again! I guess something about that card that calms me. I know its sounds weird, but that’s why I like that card.

From The Duelist:

My favorite Yugioh card in the whole wide world are the gladiator beasts because they are awesome and are wicked cool! I love how all of their effects help each other plus they have balanced attack points and defence points, with really good effects! I always win when I use gladiator beasts because they are like a big, huge, team when they battle. Gladiator beasts are my destiny cards, like the pharoh has a Dark Magician, I have the gladiator beasts baby!

The winner of the Rainbow Dark Dragon, the first Yugioh blog contest is… The Duelist! Sorry Jesse, your story was really good but you were being really modest with your feelings and thought they were “weird”. Plus, while The Duelist talked all about why he liked his card, you talked mainly about the looks of the card and how it helps you, but you hardly talked about why you like Sapphire Pegasus. The description of your card was much better written than The Duelist’s however, plus The Duelist had way more grammatical errors then you did so kudos for that! However today’s winner is The Duelist who will get a sneak peak at my next post and a Rainbow Dark Dragon! Congratualtions The Duelist!

A Quick Win: Very Strong Yugioh Dragon Deck

Very easily won duel with a very little amount of cards. This deck however had one hit kill combos; then duel was almost won in 1 turn!

Hello readers! For quite some time I have only been talking about the newest installments in Yugioh, Yugioh booster packs, and the latest Yugioh games. I thought to my self, why don’t I answer some questions my readers have? If any of you have any questions about Yugioh topics that interest you, I will answer them. Just leave your question as a comment and the first 10 questions I receive will be posted on my ‘Readers’ Questions’ post(s).

During a duel I had with my friend, I decided I wanted to use my 25 card dragon deck. This consisted of the rarest dragon cards such as Blue Eyes, Blue Eyes fusions, and dragon powered cards like Dark Paladin. The results I had found were astounding. It took me five turns to defeat my friend. How? The first six cards I drew were 3x Blue Eyes W. Dragon, Polymerization, Future Fusion, and Blue Eyes S. Dragon

What I did was fusion summon Blue Eyes U. Dragon and then attack my friend directly. Next I special summoned Blue Eyes S. Dragon and attacked directly with it. My friend had 500 life points left! After a three turn skirmish, he activated Dark Hole. I would be finished if my monsters were destroyed so I activated Quick Fusion and fusion summoned Dark Paladin. With its effect, I destroyed Dark Hole and attacked him directly.

I was stunned about how fast I won the duel. It usually takes me 10 turns to win with my main deck but it took 5 turns to win with this one. This shocked me because there is hardly any cards in this deck! This shows if your monsters/combos are strong, you can win no matter how little cards you have in a deck.