Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 2

Part 2 of the Strongest Duelist in Yugioh is highlighted by duelists such as Kaiba and Jaden. However, Yugi is not the number one duelist!

Yugioh Seto KaibaHere is part two of the Strongest Duelist in Yugioh:

5. Seto Kaiba

Arguably the most ruthless character in Yugioh, Kaiba’s relentlessness allows him to be one of the strongest duelists in Yugioh. He is focused on blowing his opponent’s to smithereens with his trademark Blue Eyes White Dragon and relentless offensive strategies. In order to beat, Kaiba be prepared to take a load of pounding before hitting him back with an equally powerful counter attack. Continue reading “Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 2”

Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 1

Part one of the top 10 duelists in Yugioh, including fan favorites such as Jack Atlas and Joey Wheeler.

Yugioh Marik IshtarThroughout the four generations of the Yugioh series, we have seen a lot of powerful duelists – from heroes to villains. When most people think of the strongest duelist in Yugioh, they think of the Pharaoh/Yugi. However there are a lot of other duelists one must consider when discussing the strongest duelist in Yugioh. There is also Jaden, Yusei, Kaiba, Kite, etc… Starting from this post, I will list the top 10 strongest duelists in Yugioh and their merit for being chosen. Continue reading “Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 1”

Top 5 Duels in Yugioh History Part 2

Part of the greatest duels of all time. Consists of Battle City Duel Kaiba vs Yugi and Yugi vs Atem. Please enjoy!

Hi readers! Here is the second part of the 5 greatest duels in Yu-Gi-Oh history. Both will be duels from the original “Yu-Gi-Oh series. Please enjoy these amazing duels!

#3 Battle City Duel-Yugi vs Kaiba: After Jeoy’s heart-throbbing in the Battle City semi-finals, Yugi swears he will avenge his friend in an easy duel against Kaiba. Easy? NO way, as Kaiba starts out the duel as agressive as ever. However Yugi manages to get past some of his tricks and plays his Queen’s Knight. Next he special summon’s King’s Knight and finally Jack’s Knight. He sacrifices the three to play Slifer the Sky Dragon. After a missed attack by Slifer, Kaiba special summons his own Obelisk the Tormentor. After several turns of Obelisk and Slifer going head to head, Yugi summons his Dark Magician to wrap up the duel, however Kaiba counters by playing Blue Eyes W. Dragon.

After some more combat, Yugi fusion summons Dark Paladin to go up against Kaiba’s Blue Eyes W. Dragon. Kaiba then summons Blue Eyes U. Dragon and attacks Yugi. With some luck, Yugi activates De-Fusion. With Kaiba’s three Blue Eyes U. Dragon’s and Yugi’s Red Eyes B. Dragon, Dark Paladin gains 2000 attack points. Yugi activates Diffusion Wave -Motion attacking all three Blue Eyes, dealing Kaiba 5700 points of damage, and winning the duel.

#2 Yugi vs Atem: The last duel in the whole Yu-Gi-Oh series is one of the best in the world! Yugi versus the person who has been within him for three years, Atem. Just as the duel begins, Atem doesn’t fail to summon all three of the Egyptian Gods. Yugi counters the summon by playing his three gadgets whom serve well on dealing some life points only to be defeated by Obelisk. Yugi plays  Gold Sarcophagus, puts a mystery card inside of it, and ends his turn. A couple of turns after Yugi’s Silent Swordsman LV7 defeats Slifer,  Atem uses Monster Reborn to bring back Slifer but Yugi activates Gold Sarchopagus and negates Monster Reborn, which destroys (for the second time) Slifer the Sky Dragon and leaves Atem wide open for attack. Crying, Yugi attacks Atem with Silent Magician LV7 and wins.

Thanks for watching! Next time, the greatest duel in Yu-Gi-Oh, stay tuned!