Best Yugioh Deck – Elemental Hero and Yubel

Elemental Heroes and Yubel used together is a strong Yugioh deck! If used right, this deck would be the best Yugioh deck!

I was watching Yugioh GX (I wanted to relieve the old days) and I saw the duel between Jaden with his Elemental Hero deck and Yubel. After watching the duel, it dawned on me: why don’t I create a deck that utilizes Elemental Heros AND Yubel? Elemental Heroes are some of the strongest monsters in Yugioh; at one point, an Elemental Hero deck was regarded as the best Yugioh deck. Yubel on the other hand, is a ridiculously powerful monster; it may have 0 attack points, but Yubel cannot be destroyed by battle and you take no damage when Yubel battles. Most importantly, when Yubel is attacked, it inflicts life point damage to your opponent equal to the attack points of the attacking monster. This deck was not the most conventional, but it was very powerful. Continue reading “Best Yugioh Deck – Elemental Hero and Yubel”