Yugioh Top 5 Elemental Heroes Part 2

Part two of the Top 5 Elemental Heroes in Yugioh. Elemental Heroes are very powerful and strong Yugioh cards. Elemental Heroes are the strongest Yugioh warrior monsters.

I hope you guys liked part 1 of the Top Five Elemental Heroes! Here in part two, the Elemental Heroes listed will be a stronger than the previous two in terms of strength, efficiency, and abilities.

3. Elemental Hero Magma Neos

Magma Neos has some of the highest stats of all the Elemental Heroes as well two awesome effects (if used right). Those, plus its cool image, makes him one of the greatest Elemental Heroes in Yugioh. Elemental Hero Magma Neos gains 400 attack points for every card on the field. It could easily be the strongest monster on the field with that effect! Suppose you and your foe have a monster one the field, as well as two spells/traps each, then Magma Neos would have 6200 attack points! Like many Neos fusions, Magma Neos goes back to your Extra deck during the end phase. When it does this, you can return all cards on the field to their owner’s hand. That effect, however, could prove to be fatal to your opponent if activated right. You can activate Neos Space/Instant Neos Space and equip it  to Magma Neos. Then, during your opponent’s turn you destroy your Neo Space/Instant Neos Space  to have Magma Neos go back to your Extra deck. Everyone’s cards would go back to their hands and afterwards, during your turn, your foe would be wide open for a direct attack. Pretty sweet usage of a vice!

2. Elemental Hero Storm Neos

Elemental Hero Storm Neos probably tops the list of Elemental Heroes in terms of efficiency. It can destroy all spell and trap cards on the field! That seems you can completely destroy your opponents defenses and destroy them! This effect goes great with Yubel and Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare since their only weaknesses are spells and traps. When it goes back into your Extra deck, all cards on the field are returned to the owner’s deck. You can do the combo with Neo Space/Instant Neo Space (that I listed in Magma Neos’s ability) with this Elemental Hero Storm Neos as well. Wide open attacks, eradication of spells and traps? Elemental Hero Storm Neos could obliterate your opponent fast!

Well that wraps up part 2 of the Top 5 Elemental Heroes in Yugioh! Again, if you guys have any objections, send me your top 5 Elemental Heroes as a comment!

Yugioh Top 5 Elemental Heroes Part 1

Yugioh Elemental Heroes are a very popular brand of warrior monsters. However, which Elemental Heroes are the best? Here is my top 5 list of the strongest Elemental Heroes in Yugioh.

Top Ten/Five lists are very fun to create. With the Yugioh warrior monster craze going on, I thought that I’d create a five list of my favorite warriors — the Elemental Heroes. There are many Elemental Heroes for duelists to  collect, but which ones are the best? Which ones are strong, but easy to play? Which Elemental Heroes are the most effecient? Here is my answer to all these questions.

5. Elemental Hero Knopse

Yeah he’s a plant, but he is still an Elemental Hero. Sure he might not be the strongest Elemental Hero, but he sure is effecient, and his effect makes him even meaner ! As long as there is another Elemental Hero on the field, Knopse cannot be selected as an attack target and he can attack your foe directly! Not bad right? However, it also agains 100 atk points every time it inflicts battle damage! If you attack directly with Knopse four times, Knopse will have a decent 1000 atk and your opponent would have lost… 600+700+800+900… 3000 life points! An army (three) of this little guy would be even more dangerous!


4. Elemental Hero Plasma Vice

Youch! 2600 atk points? Dealing with Elemental Hero Plasma Vice would be tough for your opponent! If Elemental Plasma Vice battles a monster with a defense lower than his attack points, your foe loses life points equal to the difference. That could be pretty bad for your foe if Plasma Vice fights a low level monster! Also, by discarding a card from your hand, Elemental Hero Plasma Vice can destroy one monster on the field who is in attack position. F.H.G Dragon and D.M.K (they’re both definitely going to be in attack position, if not, use Block Defense) seem pretty easy to beat now don’t they? So to sum it up for people who are going “what?”, “why?”, Plasma Vice is on this list because he is:

  1. Much easier to play than other Elemental Hero fusion monsters such as the Neos fusions and Elemental Hero Tempest.
  2. Has the ability to change the course of the duel through his stats and effect (mostly).
  3. It’s pretty easy to acquire (pretty cheap too!).










That concludes part 1 of the Top 5 List of Elemental Heroes. If you anyone disagrees with my first two selections feel free to write what you would picked instead on the comment box.

The Elemental Hero Deck

The E-Hero cards are some the most popular cards. It is not surprising why. They consist of many strong monsters. The fusion monsters are just too powerful. Easy to make strategies too.

Yu-Gi-Oh Elemental Hero Neos
Elemental Hero Neos

Today I dueled one of my friends to see who was a stronger duelist. Instead of using my main deck, I decided on trying my new Hero deck. This deck consisted of cards like Elemental Hero Neos and Destiny Hero Doom Lord. My friend’s deck consisted of strong fiend cards like Dark Necrofear and Raviel Lord of Phantasms.

I had an advantage in this duel. My friend had a lot of strong monsters, but he did not have any strategy. Many of his spell and trap cards had nothing to do with fiends and were just in his deck for their effects. At first he used Card of Destruction and discarded his hand, which had three fiends in them. He removed the three fiends from play to summon Dark Necrofear.

He inflicted lots of damage to me with Dark Necrofear. It seemed as if the duel was his. However, I drew a clutch card in the 9th turn. It was Destiny Hero Doom Lord. I played D-Hero Doom Lord and activated his effect. He could send one monster out of play and it would return in the second standby phase of this effect’s activation, but Necrofear cannot be special summoned unless you remove from play three fiends so it was a good move on my part.

In my friend’s next turn he destroyed Doom Lord with Octaclops. Due to my Hero Signal trap card, I special summoned onto the field E-Hero Neos. In my turn, I special summoned E-Hero Sparkman with the effect of O-Oversoul. When I activated my Pot of Greed, I sealed the duel. I had drawn Hero FLASH!!. Since Oversoul, Heated Heart, Emergency Call, and Righteous Justice was in the graveyard, I was able to activate Hero FLASH!!. With Hero Flash, all my normal monsters could attack directly. This included my Sparkman, Warrior Dai Grepher, and my Neos. With the attack, my friend lost 5800 life points, costing him the duel.

Since then I have given my Elemental Hero Deck and upgrade. I have added more monsters to it and more defensive spell and traps like Sakuretsu Armor. This deck consists of some of the most popular Yugioh cards. My friend even told me this was a Yugioh deck to be feared. Though I assembled it with random Hero cards, it seems to have enough potential to be my starting deck.

Good: Many, many, possible combos. A lot of fusions. Strong monsters.

Bad: Not enough defensive cards. Trap cards are very predictable.

Deck Rating: 9/10