Cosmo Blazer and the Surge of The Zexal Weapons!

The upcoming Yugioh booster pack, Cosmo Blazer, features for Zexal Weapon monsters. These equip monsters, designed for Utopia and Utopia Ray, are in the process of becoming one of the most fearsome archetypes in Yugioh!

ZW - Lion ArmsFirst of all, I would like to wish all of you’re a happy new year! Konami’s New Year is about to kick off with the upcoming release of the hyped booster pack, Cosmo Blazer. The official release date is in two weeks, on January 25th. Cosmo Blazer will be building on most of the archetypes introduced in Zexal. However, it also develops the Utopia archetype, with the release of numerous Zexal Weapon (ZW) monsters. Zexal Weapons, as talked about in a previous post I wrote, are powerful equip monsters for Number 39: Utopia and Number C39: Utopia Ray. Each Zexal Weapon gives Utopia a fairy significant power boost. However, only two Zexal Weapons have been released so far, but there are going to be four ZW monsters released with Cosmo Blazer. These monsters are going to make the Utopia archetype a group to be feared! Continue reading “Cosmo Blazer and the Surge of The Zexal Weapons!”