Yugioh Agents – Tier 1 Fairy Archetype

Yugioh Agent monsters are some of the strongest monsters in the game. New released in the Order of Chaos booster pack have increased their power.

Yugioh The Agent of Myster - EarthDark Worlds have become a tier one archetype thanks to the addition of the Grapha, Dragon of the Dark World as well as other support cards. However, as you may have heard the saying, “when there is darkness, there is light.” Introducing, the Yugioh Agent deck, another deck that has climbed to tier one. An agent deck utilizes a lot of fairy monsters, aided with the effect of The Sanctuary in the Sky. Similar to how Dark World decks revolve around Grapha, Agent decks revolve around a monster known as Master Hyperion, who is possibly the strongest fairy monster in Yugioh. Continue reading “Yugioh Agents – Tier 1 Fairy Archetype”

Fairy Monsters

Fairies are actually pretty good because they heal a lot of your life and many of them have amazing effects, just look at splendid venus, she’s one of the greatest fairies in the game!

As I searched through the web, I seemed to notice many duelists were asking about a fairy deck that could prevail in tournaments. I did some research on some fairy cards and found that they were not strong in attack or defense. Fairy monsters were based on increasing life points.

Many people have underestimated fairies in terms of effects. For example, Neo Parshath, the Sky Paladin is a pretty weak to be a level seven monster. However its effect is very good. When he battles a defense position monster whose defense is weaker than his attack, subtract the difference from your opponent’s life points. Plus if your life points are higher than your foe’s and if Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field, Sky Paladin earns attack points equal to the difference.

In a fairy deck spells and traps play a huge role. They support the fairies every turn. If it weren’t for spells like Sanctuary in the Sky many fairies wouldn’t even get to be played. Archlord Zerato, the strongest fairy in the game, can only be summoned if you remove Warrior of Zera from the game while Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field. Fairies are already giving you a life point boost, playing traps like Solemn Wishes will increase your life points even more.Fairies are thought to be the weakest type monsters in Yugioh, but if find the right you can make a nationally ranked deck with them. All it takes is some strategy, high leveled monsters, and the right spells and traps, and for right now, here’s my recommended list:

Archlord Zerato
Archlord Zerato

X3 Nimble Mongmama
X1 Archlord Zerato
X1 Parshath, the Sky Paladin
X1 Air Knight Parshath
X2 Layard the Liberator
X1 Harold of Purple Light X1 Harold of Green Light
X2 Warrior of Zera
X1 Nova Summoner
X1 Splendid Venus
X2 Freya Sprit of Victory
X1 Honest
X1 Zeradis, Herald of Heaven
X1 Saturn- The Agent of Judement

Sanctuary in the Sky
Sanctuary in the Sky

X2 Sanctuary in the Sky
X1 Lightning Vortex
X1 Messenger of Peace
X1 Scapegoat
X1 Monster Reborn
X1 Dian Keto the Cure Master
X1 Mage Power
X1 Mystic Wok
X1 Goblin Thief
X1 Dimensional Fissure

Solemn Wishes
Solemn Wishes

X1Light of Judjement
X2 Solemn Wishes
X3 Miraculous Descent
X1Call of the Haunted
X1 Tower of Babel
X1 Spell Absorbing Life