Ghost Rare Honest

Though it is a very high priced card, Honest is not very good at all. It is hard to get, has an okay effect, and has horrible stats. It’s all hype I tell you…

Yu-Gi-Oh HonestFor the last couple of weeks I have been trying to sell my ghost rare Honest on a website. G.R. Honest is one of the most valuable Yugioh cards. It sells very high in many places. Last summer was when I had acquired Honest. I had bought the new Light of Destruction booster pack. When I opened the booster pack a peculiar, shiny white card fell on my hand. When I searched the card on Google I had learned it was an incredibly valuable card!

There are a lot of places you can buy an Honest. It is about 70$ on Amazon and is 25$ on EBay at the lowest. I don’t that Honest should be worth so much because it has weak stats and its effect only works on certain types of monsters. Still it is a tremendously rare card.