The Dragon Rulers – Taking Over Yugioh!

The Dragon Ruler archetype is becoming big in Yugioh! They have winning some big tournaments recently and have risen in popularity. We’ll look at the playing style of this archetype and why they are so powerful.

I recently wrote a post about the latest Yugioh booster pack, Lord of the Tachyon, and mentioned that it introduced a new archetype – Dragon Ruler. The Dragon Ruler monsters (also called Incarnate Dragon) are a very cool group of dragon type monsters that have become immensely popular in a short period of time. Though it is their ability to create deadly combos that is attributed to their rise, Dragon Ruler monsters are just awesome cards in general. Continue reading “The Dragon Rulers – Taking Over Yugioh!”

Yugioh Lava Golem Vs. Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction

Lava Golem and Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction both destroy your opponent if they are on your opponent’s side of the field. But, which wreaks more havoc?

I guess the question this post is trying to answer is which card would be worse for your opponent control. Both Lava Golem and Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction (from Yugioh Zexal episode 22), have effects that can devastate the opponent. For this compare and contrast post, we are going to see what card would basically destroy your opponent as a result of their use!

Note: the stats (artwork, effect, etc…) are based on if the monster goes to the opponent’s side of the field.

1. Lava Golem

I remember when Marik played it on Joey’s side of the field during the Battle City tournament in the original Yugioh, I was stunned. Why did Marik just give Joey a monster with 3000 attack points? I found out soon enough: Lava Golem’s effect forced the controller to pay 1000 life points every turn. Since then, there have been several variations of Lava Golem stall decks, where you use a wide array of defensive cards like Negate Attack and/or Magic Cylinder, to block Lava Golem’s attacks. All the while, Lava Golem is destroying your opponent! Of course, it is a double-edged sword for if the opponent has a fast deck, Lava Golem can actually be of use. Still, it is, in most cases, a good infiltration monster.

Artwork: 6/10, Effect: 8/10, Power: 9/10, Playability: 7/10, Game Changer: 7/10, Deck Adaptability: 9/10. Overall, Lava Golem gets a 7.7/10 – C+.

2. Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction

Acid Golem is a new card that was introduced in Yugioh Zexal episode 22. It is not really a great monster: during everyone of your standby phases you have to detach one exceed material monster (two)or pay 2000 life points! Crazy right, but that’s not all, if Acid Golem has no exceed material monsters it cannot attack either! It brings disaster if you play it to your side of the field, however, if you use Creature Swap to send it over to your opponent, Acid Golem will bring that disaster over to your opponent!

Artwork: 7/10, Effect: 10/10, Power: 9/10, Playability: 8/10, Game Changer: 8/10, Deck Adaptability: 10/10. Overall, Acid Golem gets an 8.7/10 – B+.

I know what you guys are thinking: how could he possibly have selected Acid Golem as the winner, it is so situational! In normal circumstances, Lava Golem is BY FAR the better monster but the pretense of this compare and contrast post was this: which of these monsters would do more damage if sent to the opponent’s side of the field? Under that pretense, you have to admit, Acid Golem wins.

The Winner Of The Second Yu-Gi-Oh Contest

The finale of my Yugioh Contest. Both finalists, Riley and CBas, had very strong Yugioh card combos. However, in the end, CBas had the stronger Yugioh card combo. Still, congratulations!

Hi guys, after two weeks of waiting, contest entrants sent me seven combos, and most were very strong. It was extremely difficult for me to decide which was the strongest combo, but I had to make a decision sooner or later. Now I have my winner. Once I present the top two combos sent, I will announce the victor.

Combo #1 – CBas:

You need: X1 Scapegoat, X1 Cannon Soldier, X1 Jam Breeding Machine, X1 Gravity Bind, and X1 Lava Golem.

First, you would have to set down Gravity Bind and activate it during your opponents turn along with Scapegoat. When it’s your turn, you will need to summon Cannon Soldier then tribute Scapegoat for a fast 2000 direct damage. Next, play Lava Golem. Lava Golem goes to your foe’s side of the field and deals them 1000 points of direct damage. Lava Golem would not be able to attack due to Gravity Bind. To end this turn play Jam Breeding Machine. Though you cannot normal, flip, or special summon a monster while this card is active, Jam Breeding Machine produces a Slime Token every turn. Due to Cannon Soldier, you can tribute the Slime Token for 500 direct damage. With Lava Golem and the Slime Token, your foe loses 1500 life points every turn!

Combo #2 – Riley:

You need: X1 Batteryman Charger, X2 Batteryman AA (change to Riley’s combo), X1 Short Circuit, X1 Batteryman Micro Cell, Battery Charger, and X1 Double Summon

First, you summon Batteryman Micro Cell in face down defense position then on your next turn, flip summon Micro Cell to summon Batteryman AA. Then activate Double Summon in order to summon Batteryman Charger. Next, play Battery Charger and play another Batteryman AA. Both Batteryman AA’s will have 2000 attack points and Batteryman Charger will have 2400 attack, possibly 2700  if Batteryman Micro Cell is still on the field. Next, activate Short Circuit. This destroys all of your foe’s cards due to the fact your controlling three Batteryman cards. Lastly, attack with all three Batterymen to deal over 6000 damage to your foe!

It was very tough to determine the winner, but I chose CBas’ combo as the winner! Congratulations CBas, and kudos to you as well Riley for your combo was just as good. Though your combo does do 6000 damage Riley, CBas’ would keep on dealing 1500 damage every turn, and that damage would be difficult to stop. Riley your monsters could be easily destroyed if your foe plays Raigeki, same to CBas as well. However, CBas still has Lava Golem on his foe’s side of the field, dealing 1000 direct damage every turn. Still, great job to both of you, you both have very impressive combos. CBas, on this post, tell me if you want a Dragon Master Knight, or an Enishi, Shien’s Chancellor monster card.

Well thank you contestants, for making this contest so exciting! I hope you all will enter the next contest which will be coming soon. Once again, congratulations!