The Psychology of Yugioh

Yugioh is a very strategy-oriented game, similar to chess, so just like people develop focus and sharpness from playing chess, does the same development occur in people who play Yugioh?

Yugioh BrainYugioh is a very entertaining and addicting trading card game. Once you get hooked to the competition and intensity of Yugioh, it’s hard to stop playing! However, while Yugioh is great time-passer, I read an article that says playing Yugioh helps your brain tremendously as well.

It’s something I have never thought about, but it is a very logical theory. Top-notch and even decent duelists (in my observation) are pretty sharp. Many¬†psychologists¬†believe chess to help raise one’s mental acumen and how different is Yugioh from chess? In both games, you must be able to foresee your opponent’s move and plan your own moves ahead of time. Which leads me to another point the article makes…

In Yugioh,¬†foresight is a critical skill to have, but what if you trained your brain to the extent that foreseeing your opponent’s moves and planning your own was second nature? If the ability to foresee moves became as easy as your ABCs, you would have less problems to worry about in the duel. Anyways, the point is that Yugioh and mental acumen interconnected.

The article is very interesting and I recommend that everyone should read it. What are your thoughts on this issue? Does having high intellect make you better a duelist?