What’s Your Favorite Yugioh Monster Card Type?

There are several powerful monster groups in Yugioh but which is the strongest? Amongst the six main Yugioh monster groups Gemini/Effect monsters are the most powerful because they are the easiest to play and have effects as well as good stats.

In the beginning of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game, there were only three types of monsters: Effect, Normal, and Fusion. Later, Yugioh added Spirit, Gemini, and Synchro monsters to their card stock. Each of them have their strong points and weak points but which of them are your favorite? The powerful normal monsters, the strong but hard to play fusion monsters, the witty effect monsters, the strategic Gemini monsters, the abstract Spirit monsters, or the new Synchro monsters? There is a big competition between all six types of monsters. However, which one is the strongest, one may ask.

I am going to rule out Normal monsters right away because they have no effect, so are pretty much useless unless they are used in combos. Fusion monsters are strong, but they are difficult play due to having to assemble fusion material monsters and Polymerization or a fusion spell. So I will rule them out as well. We are left with Effect monsters, Spirit, Gemini, and Synchro. Though Spirit Monsters are powerful, they have to be returned to the owner’s hand by the end of the turn and cannot be special summoned. So that caps their potential capabilities.

Synchro monsters, Effect monsters, and Gemini monsters the only ones remaining. Though they are very powerful, I will have to take of Synchro monsters from the list. They have good stats and good effects however they need to be summoned by a tuner, and sometimes the tuner is specific. Also, the tuned monster is mainly specific (for example: To synchro summon Turbo Cannon you need a Turbo Warrior). So Synchro monsters are off the list.

I think that Gemini monsters and Effect monsters recieve a tie because they are both very similiar. Gemini monsters are just like Effect monsters except they “acsess” their effects once they get normal summoned from the field. Effect/Gemini monsters are good because not only do they have good-really good stats, they also have good effects which are really effective (get the pun) during a close situation.

Yugioh Rare Monster Card Competition

Here are a list of seven strong, rare, Yugioh monster cards. Out of these powerful Yugioh monsters, select your favorite and give a reason of why you like the card. You can debate with others.

Through some comments I got about comparing of the strengths of different monsters, I got this really good idea! I will put down a list of ten popular and powerful monsters, and you guys can write in your comments which one monster you guys like the most and why. This will give you guys to debate with others through Yugiohblog and get an idea of people’s opinions of different cards. By next week, I will write about the monster with the most fans and five comments sent by fans. Here are the monsters:

  • Five Headed God Dragon
  • Yubel Ultimate Nightmare
  • Raviel Lord of Phantasms
  • Wicked Avatar
  • Savior Star Dragon
  • Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
  • Rainbow Neos

I will note that this is not a competition where someone wins prizes. This is more of a debate competition to favor a monster card. Here is my favorite out of them simply because his effect and stats are simply amazing: