Yugioh Photon Monsters – Strong or Weak Archetype?

Photon monsters are really popular among Yugioh fans, but do they truly deserve it? Are they popular because of Kite or because they are a truly strong Yugioh archetype?

Photon MonstersThe Photon archetype has gained a quite lot of popularity throughout Yugioh. A big reason is that the monsters are used by Kite Tenjo, who is a fan favorite of Yugioh Zexal. However, is the strength of the Photon monsters deserving of praise as well? There have been duels where Photon monsters look extremely powerful, such as the first duel between Kite and Yuma. However, as I looked at the TCG list of Photon monsters, they didn’t seem to be that strong. So what is it? Are Photon monsters an archetype that deserve to be among the strongest archetypes, or are they overhyped? Continue reading “Yugioh Photon Monsters – Strong or Weak Archetype?”

The Naturia are Still Strong Yugioh Monsters

Yugioh Naturia monsters are pretty underrated, but in fact, they are really powerful. Naturia decks are fun to play with as well and hopefully, more Naturia monsters will be made.

Naturia monsters made a big splash when they debuted in the Duelist Revolution booster pack. Naturia was thought to be the archetype of the future, an archetype that would parallel X-Sabers and Six Samurai in strength. However, after surging in popularity, they have gradually declined as of late. Despite their decreasing popularity, the Naturia are still very strong Yugioh monsters. In fact, I made a Naturia deck the other on Yugioh Dueling Network and so far they have dominated, going 4-0!  Continue reading “The Naturia are Still Strong Yugioh Monsters”

Strongest Yugioh Pack: Duelist Revolution

This year, my favorite pack has been Duelist Revolution because it has brought forth many powerful new archetypes, the namely the Naturia archetype.

With the TCG releases of Hidden Arsenal packs 1, 2, and recent Duel Terminal packs, we were introduced to several new archetypes such as Naturia, Flamevell, and Ice Barrier monsters. Recently, a new mainstream booster pack, the Duelist Revolution, was released as well and along with its release Duelist Revolution brought more support for these emerging archetypes. The Duelist Revolution actually did start a Duelist Revolution! After skimming through the spoiler list, I found a bunch of cards that would be really useful for any deck. Cards like Pot of Duality, Synchro Fusionist, and my favorite, Chivalry. Duelist Revolution is one of the strongest packs I have seen for a while. Plus, it has long-awaited support and additions for upcoming archetypes. Duelist Revolution has shaped so many emerging archetypes and it could lead to a whole new twist in Yugioh. Continue reading “Strongest Yugioh Pack: Duelist Revolution”